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cs_manor_css - A Mod for Counter-Strike: Source


Version 0.7 9d
  • Addition New area for the hostages ;)
  • Overhaul Improved CT Spawn
  • Improvement Nav-Mesh that actually works
  • Feature Names of places under the radar

A relic villa located in Transylvania

This time, the target for the terrorists was a villa located in Transylvania, built in the 19th century. The Counter-Terrorists need to recapture the antique.

  • 10d
    Good day, everyone! Some of the changes were implemented, including: Improved Nav-Mesh, New CT Spawn, and many more clipping done. Have a fun time!
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    Hey, I've opened the map in CS:S and here is my feedback about it. Since you specifically asked for optimization, I will discuss about it first, before the other aspects.

    1. FPS/Optimization

    I have no complaints at all. The map seems to be optimized well since I had great FPS overall when playing with 9 BOTs. It rarely went down to double digit. Note that I don't have a computer that allows me to get like 200+ FPS, I am just satisfied getting 60-80 FPS.

    Your map seems to heavily based on big block brushes for the wall/floor/ceiling. You've seemed to turn the stairs into func_detail, which is nice.

    You could turn these opening doors into func_detail also:

    This is something you should fix:

    This off-grid brush is located in the corridor next to T spawn.

    You seemed to surround the entire map with a box. For the sake of optimization, this should never be done.

    I guess you did this because the off-grid brush that I referred to previously caused a leak within the map. I suppose if you fix the off-grid brush using the vertex tool (because this off-grid brush isn't exactly a cube/cuboid).

    But, regardless, you've done a great job in optimizing the map.

    2. Aesthetics

    The map isn't that bland since it is well detailed on most parts. 

    The CT spawn ramp seems to be 1 grid off, so you probably want to fix this.

    3. Gameplay

    The map's layout is quite straight-forward, and there seems to be only one choke-point. This is not a problem, but I'd like to suggest for the lights on the ceiling to be made non-solid.

    4. Conclusion

    My suggestions are:
    • Turn the opening doors to func_detail.
    • Fix the off-grid brushes on the corridor near T spawn.
    • Remove the "box" that surrounds the entire map.
    • (Not really necessary because it is probably intentional) fix the off-grid(?) ramp near CT spawn.
    • Make the ceiling lights non-solid.

    Great work! Thank you for reading, I hope you have a nice day.
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