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de_facility - A Mod for Counter-Strike: Source

This is my second map! You are located in a facility in Russia, where there's lots of snow and cover. Stop the terrorist from planting the bomb.
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    Hey, I've opened the map in CS:S and here is my feedback about it.

    1. Aesthetics

    The map is more detailed than the old version. The new fence that you used is even better than the old ones.

    You've forgot to put some snow decals here (both entries of the tunnels' connecting to CT spawn and A site):

    It's nice that you've added a skybox to match with the map's theme and lore. I suppose you could use snow textures or the "offterrain" texture for it, as opposed to a rock/stone because most of the map are covered by snow.

    The use of wooden panels to mark the bombsite is quite clever, since it wouldn't be realistic to spray paint the snow.

    Some props in the tunnels look dark as well because they're too pushed into the wall. Just push them outward a little more, and then they should be look brighter:

    (I apologize for opening the .vmf)

    2. FPS/Optimization

    I had great FPS while playing this map with 9 BOTs. Only on heavy gunfight does my FPS drop down to double digits.

    Although, there are some things to note. You forgot to turn the other "snow boxes" to func_detail. At the moment, only this snow box on CT spawn seems to be turned to func_detail: (I was on r_drawfuncdetail 0 which makes every func_detail in the map invisible. Since only this one turned invisible, this meant that this is a func_detail)

    3. Gameplay

    The map's layout is quite straight-forward, and each bombsite has two entry points, at least. I guess, this map's fast-paced.

    Nice that you've clipped this, which I suggested previously. Now, players don't stuck when they walk over there.

    You might want to make these fences non solid, and place a playerclip brush:

    Because, at the moment, the fence blocks the bullet, hence reducing a great amount of damage that could've been dealt.

    4. Conclusion

    My suggestions are:
    • (Not that important) Replace the mountain texture with a more suitable one.
    • (Not that important) Add some snow decals in the tunnel since you've forgot to put some on a tunnel entry point.
    • (Not that important) Push the wall props a little bit more outwards.
    • (Not that important) Turn every other snow blocks to func_detail.
    • (Quite important) Make the fence non solid and add player clip brush equal to the size of the fences because the solid fences blocks bullet damage and affects gameplay.
    • Remove the "box" that surrounds the entire map.
    • (Not really necessary because it is probably intentional) fix the off-grid(?) ramp near CT spawn.
    • Make the ceiling lights non-solid.

    Great work for a v2! Thank you for reading, I hope you have a nice day. 

    Additional note: When you update your map, I hope that you do not use the same map name as the older version. I see that this newer version still has the name de_facility, like the older version. You could perhaps change it to something like de_facility_v2 or something, so that players with existing map don't conflict with this map.

    Also, when sharing your map online, you don't have to share your .vmf. Only the .bsp file will do, unless you intend to share the .vmf file, which is the original map file.
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