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jb_island_roleplay_v1g - A Mod for Team Fortress 2


v1g 2d
  • Addition Adds mega secret...figure it out (part of it is simply an ammo secret, so it has a double purpose)
  • Improvement Added even more ladders around the map
  • Tweak Raised the lava ceiling on THAT trap in Deathrun, so now jumping is the only thing that will kill you
  • Tweak Blocked off the water-level ammo secret near diner, so you can either break it (1000 hp) or you can go in from the top
  • BugFix Fixed a bug that prevented Jumprope from stopping if stopped immediately after starting
v1f_fix2 2d BugFix3 v1f_fix 3d Adjustment v1f 3d Addition2 Tweak v1e 4d Improvement2 Tweak2 BugFix2

Welcome to my beach house! : )

Hi guyss : )

I made an beach house roleplay game on an island.... i also nuked the island so the water makes you feel sicck!! : )

edit: give blus invisable water hasmat suits : )

there are tenty minigammes:

  • Sweeper
  • Theater
  • Trivia
  • Fall Game
  • Boat Race
  • Flood Escape (lava!!)
  • Wall Game
  • Bunny Hop
  • Arena
  • Stairway to Heaven
  • Deathrun
  • Pool
  • Diner
  • Jumprope
  • Crush Game
  • Knife Pit
  • Climb
  • Soccer
  • Rockdodge
  • Maze Game

I hoope you guy have a lot of fun : )

note from curator: this map is meant to be a spiritual successor to jb_crossroads; I wanted to right my wrongs from that map, since it was my first fully-released map ever. This one, overall, has more balanced difficulty, better-scaled minigames, better layout, etc.
  • Alright, well, I'm not a Jailbreak player, and I don't own a server or boast a community where I can test this. But I ran around solo for a little while and found that textures such as roblox/rblxred, and roblox/rblxface are missing for me. The case may be that I can only see most of the textures in the map because I own the same textures you used in the map yourself, and in the same directory. Huge coincidence, so I wonder what people without the textures will see. Otherwise, there is a trigger brush in the climbing course (@-2240 -6472 904) that touches a trigger_push that is supposed to bring you up into the next platform. If players accidentally back up into this one while rising up, they get brought back to the beginning of the course. Thought that might be annoying.
    Lucario's pretty cool, too. avatar
    Lucario's pretty cool, too.
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  • Dang dude, you're usin' roblox textures too? I gotta get my work ethic together if I'm gonna compete with people who know how to complete maps... Tell you what, just 'cause of the coincidence, I'm gonna have a look around in there.
    Lucario's pretty cool, too. avatar
    Lucario's pretty cool, too.
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