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Celeste: Into The Jungle - A Mod for Celeste.

Celeste: Into The Jungle is a fan-made collaboration with a campaign-style structure.
It is made with accessibility in mind, aiming to be a solid introduction to what mods can do.
The difficulty should play as a direct step-up from base game 7A.

- New mechanics coded and sprited from scratch
- Platforming that will offer a challenge for both beginner and skilled players alike
- Diverse visuals to keep things looking fresh and unique throughout
- Berries and more…
- Fully custom soundtrack (along with some remixes)
- Trees. Lots of them.

Report bugs here:

Youtube Channel:

Note to skin modders – there is a mechanic here that enforces the default look for maddy (on this mod only). If you want to have your skin be compatible with ITJ you can find more details in the Jungle Helper GB page (skin enforcer)

We are not accepting donations. If you really want to spend money, spend it for a good cause:

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  • PurpleNova avatar
    PurpleNova Joined 2mo ago
    My favourite mod of all time. It's massive, there's tonnes of new mechanics, visuals, music and other amazing content. Truely a work of art. Even better than Glyph, and that's saying something. A huge amount of effort from a bunch of people was put into this, and they all did an amazing job. This is legendary. Amazing job!
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  • zzm0216 avatar
    zzm0216 Joined 9mo ago
    235 points Ranked 72,369th
    A fantastic map
    love the c-sides (just monika)
    But I still want to know when the giant puzzle will be finished XD
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  • tom avatar
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    tom avatar
    End Boss
    That credit list is super impressive in its own right. Thank you!
    1 2 3 4 5
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  • snomii avatar
    snomii username pic Joined 3y ago
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    If Into The Jungle is so good, why is there no Into The Jungle 2?
    i dont get this. avatar
    i dont get this.
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  • megatrook avatar
    megatrook Joined 1y ago
    319 points Ranked 64,124th
    8/10, really good map, love the visuals, and the A-sides are pretty cool, but some of the gameplay (in the B-sides especially) is kind of unnecessarily precise and built to be frustrating rather than consistent and fun. 5B was by far the worst level of them all, almost to the point that it felt like it didnt fit in with the rest of the chapters by the end of it
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  • It's glowy the mushroom!
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  • ossFrost avatar
    ossFrost Joined 10mo ago
    110 points Ranked 99,669th
    10mo 10mo
    Really good campaign. Finished all a sides and some b sides, got most berries and some hearts. I'd give it an 8/10 overall and definitely recommend playing it, seems accessible to anyone who beats base game. Detailed review contains spoilers: The first two chapters were the strongest imo, ch3 is fine but a bit unmemorable, ch4 is a pretty neat puzzle level, I liked it a lot. Ch 5 is a neutral+carry level which combines the two things I dislike most in mods so I didn't enjoy it. However I will say that the first cp of ch5 (the falling debris one) is such a cool concept and perfect execution, it just feels right. Imo chapter 1 is the strongest design wise, but chapter 2 feels the best to play because of the atmosphere and how cool the mechanics are. Ch4 mechanic wasn't intuitive but after a bit I understood it, could use some more rooms to demonstrate the concept maybe. Ch3 the green spike color really blends into the rest of the level and I died because I just didn't see spikes sometimes, feels bad.

    The hitboxes for the flytrap and mushrooms felt just a little off but not enough to impact enjoyment, and I don't know why you can't jump on the flytrap when it's attacking since it feels like you should be able to. The spider mechanic should have some kind of warning before it drops like oshiro so you don't have to learn a timing that's used only for 1 level (and changes within that level). I don't like how you can't neutral off trees and branches but also get the feeling its more of a technical constraint than anything. For A sides the intended solution and path is almost always obvious and doesn't require tech, I think it's beginner accessible but definitely harder than base game. B sides it's kind of a toss up, a lot of them were pretty weird and unintuivie and its why I'm not going to finish the rest of B sides. Especially ch2 b, it didn't even take me that many deaths (under 100) but some of the screens just felt a bit jank

    Thanks for making it!
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  • Fantastic campaign... yet to finish the A-sides, but I'm 4 levels in already, and having an incredible amount of enjoyment from this... very well done mod, one of the best on gamebanana !!!
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  • Lichtbaulb avatar
    Lichtbaulb Joined 2y ago
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    Custom hair colors disappear when you hold lanterns.
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  • M1n3c4rt avatar
    M1n3c4rt Joined 1y ago
    200 points Ranked 77,277th
    great mod, especially liked the custom 3d map
    wtf is bananite
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