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Shadow Queen - A Mod for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate


Version 1.0.1 1d
  • Improvement Stability fix, should fix random crashes
  • Optimization Optimized compression, smaller download size

Who...has called me back?

Shadow Queen from Paper Mario: the Thousand-Year Door returns to Smash Ultimate!

This mod is a complete overhaul of my mod for Smash Wii U.
It includes a redone model, new textures, a custom boneset & swing data, custom effects, 8 recolors, and all necessary UI.

I had a lot of fun replacing different parts of Peach’s moveset with references to TTYD (her forward air uses the Crystal Star, Toad is replaced with an X-Naut, her forward smash tools use props from different boss fights, etc.). It was a challenge recreating some items/designs only ever seen in Paper Mario’s style, but I had a lot of fun trying! Each alternate color is based on one of the different Crystal Stars, with an extra black alt to fill the 8th slot:

c00: Default purple + Chapter 7 Crystal Star
c01: Chapter 1 Diamond Star
c02: Chapter 2 Emerald Star
c03: Chapter 3 Gold Star
c04: Chapter 4 Ruby Star
c05: Chapter 5 Sapphire Star
c06: Chapter 6 Garnet Star
c07: Extra black alt + Prologue Magical Map

This mod has been tested on ARCropolis version 1.1.3, however I was unable to get it to work as a one-slot mod on Peach.
This doesn't mean it's impossible, just that I didn't spend too long trying to figure it out.
If you are able to get it to work please let me know and I can update this download accordingly.

Simply drag the download's "arc" folder into the contents of your "arc" folder (USB > atmosphere > contents > 01006A800016E000 > romfs > arc).

Even though this mod edits Peach's skeleton, it only modifies her swing bones and does not alter her moveset. This mod should be Wifi-safe.

HUGE thanks to newt and SoftTurnip for their help through this. They offered lots of great feedback and helped me work through some troubleshooting. Also big thanks to JDMH for tips on the render and the Smash Ultimate Modding Hub for support as well.

If you want to see other mods from the community or want help making your own mods, check out the Discord server here!

Video preview:

I hope you enjoy!

Last Updated on June 19, 2021
Last tested on Smash version 11.0.1 and on ARCropolis version 1.1.3

Version 1.0.1
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