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NieR Music Mod - A Mod for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (WiiU).

I hear a song

This is a mod that replaces the game music with tracks from the NieR games and other compositions by Monaca.

I started this when the NieR:Automata Modpack released with the motivation to replace the entire soundtrack instead of a few tracks. And as I had it half finished, NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139 was announced, which delayed the release of this mod by a bit.

The highlight of this mod is the dungeon music which is as dynamic as the original with more instruments added while progressing through the Divine Beasts. I really had a lot of fun mixing them together.

Here is the tracklist:

Hyrule Castle - Shadowlord Castle(dynamic)

Dragon - Jukai No Naka he (Yuki Yuna wa Yuusha de Aru)

Dungeon Battle - Curtain of Scattering Petals (Fate/Extra - Last Encore)

Dungon Tutorial - Birth of a Wish (+ Conclusion(Fate/Extella Link))

Final Trial - Wretched Weaponry / The Wretched AutomatonsAutomatons

Battle in Divine Beasts - Blu-bird

Naydra Battle - Snow in Summer(another edit)

Guardian Battle - ????(4 Star) (Yuki Yuna wa Yuusha de Aru)

Stationary Guardian Battle - Usurai (Yuki Yuna wa Yuusha de Aru)

Horse - Hills of Radiant Winds (day-orchestra / night-piano)

Vah Naboris - Temple of Drifting Sands (dynamic)

Vah Rudanis - The Incomplete Stone (dynamic)

Vah Ruta - Dark Colossus (dynamic)

Vah Medoh - The Ultimate Weapon (dynamic)

Yiga Boss - Fuuin no Gi (Yuki Yuna wa Yuusha de Aru)

Final Trial Boss - Song of the Ancients ~ Fate (dynamic)

Hinox - Kazamuki (Yuki Yuna wa Yuusha de Aru)

Ganon - Shadowlord (alternative: Beautiful Song)

Ganon Beast - Weight of the World - Prelude Version

Talos - ?????????????(13 Star)(Yuki Yuna wa Yuusha de Aru)

Thunderblight Ganon - Gods Bound by Rules

Fireblight Ganon - Deep Crimson Foe

Waterblight Ganon - Fleeting Words - Outsider

Windblight Ganon - Emil / Karma

Molduga - The Last Song (Drakengard 3)

Akkala Labratory / Hateno Labratory - School City (Fate/Extra - Last Encore)

Yiga Base - Hana Chigiri (Yuki Yuna wa Yuusha de Aru)

Shrine Cave - Tooi Kioku (Garo)

Shrine Goron - Vague Hope (piano)

Shrine Mountain - Presentiment of Massacre (SINoALICE)

Shrine Ruins - Vague Hope [Cold Ruins]

Shrine Volcano - Usuyukisou (Yuki Yuna wa Yuusha de Aru)

Shrine Wild - Amusement Park (piano - marasy)

Shrine WaterSide - Kaine (piano)

House - Emty Tone (Drakengard 3)

Desert Oasis - Memories of Dust Arranged

Fairy Spring - City Ruins(piano)

Horse God - Zetsubou (Dusk maiden of Amnesia)

Monster Shop - Chichi to Ko no Tabi (Garo)

Gerudo City - The Prestigious Mask

Goron City - Hinagiku (Yuki Yuna wa Yuusha de Aru)

Hateno Village - Komorebi (Yuki Yuna wa Yuusha de Aru)

Korok Forest - Pascal

Zora Village - Fleeting Words - Family

Tarrey Town - Peaceful Sleep + arranges (every phase has a different version)

Lurelin Village - City of Commerce

Rito Village & Kakariko are unchanged

Flight Range - Boundless Memories

Stables - Song of the Ancients ~ Devola

North Mine - Sunrise (Fate/Extra - Last Encore)

Observation Post - Memories of Dust (live)

Sheikers Tower - The Tower

Temple of Time - Mourning (mix)

Satoru - Ashes of Dreams

Castle Town - Body of the King (Fate/Extra - Last Encore)

Maze/Forest - Cold Steel Coffin (Harp+Piano)

Volcano - The Sun's Zenith (Fate/Extra - Last Encore)

Cold - ?? (Oblivion)(Assassins Pride)

Desert - Memories of Dust (dynamic)

Minigame Flight - Dead Face (Fate/Extra - Last Encore)

Minigame hot stone plate - Sancho Ondo (Yuki Yuna wa Yuusha de Aru)

Minigame Golf - Dark World (for 3DS - Wii U) (Smash)(arranged by Okabe)

Minigame Hunt - Yodeling In Meadow Hill (Hidden Retreat) (Tekken 6) (also by Okabe)

Minigame Parasail - Shadowlord's Castle ~ Roar (-echo- Tribute Album)

Minigame Race -  Sazanka (Yuki Yuna wa Yuusha de Aru)

Minigame Bowling - ???????? (In the dark) (Assassins Pride)

Vah Naboris Battle - Ruten - ?? (Flow)(NieR Re[in]carnation)

Vah Rudanis Battle - Theme of FATE/EXTELLA LINK + Holy City Ascent Strategy ~Carolus Patricius~ (Fate/Extella Link)

Vah Ruta Battle - Kainé/Escape

Vah Medoh Battle - Barricade + Nonexistent (Fate/Extra - Last Encore)

Divine Beast Beam - Noble Phantasm ~FATE/EXTELLA LINK~

Credits - Weight of the World (the End of ZeLDa mix)


For the Marin Mod (and other future mods that replace Kass with a singer):

Kass theme -  Song of the Ancients

Alternive Ganon Music:

Ganon - Beautiful Song

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    Thank's is the best pack for the music !
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  • made an account specifically to post about this mod because i am an absolute wild animal. i'm new to BoTW modding, and this is the only music mod I've tried, so maybe this is just how things are. But I feel like I play the game mostly in silence. Running around in the world is mostly without music. I know the mod -works- because Hateno has different music and so do the Sheika towers.

    but it seems like the modded music is constantly getting interrupted. Went to an area and I think Kaine started to play, got to listen for about 7 seconds and then Yiga ambushed me and default combat music took over.

    so I guess I'm asking, did I install it correctly or is this just how it is? I installed it through latest BCML.

    edit: music doesn't seem to play in hateno if raining
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  • Hey, love this mod a bunch. Easily the best mod for changing the music in BOTW, I really love how you've done the dynamic music! I was wondering if it's possible to change the default combat music (the one that plays fighting normal enemies outside of shrines) to the music that you've made play in shrines of combat? Where you fight the guardian scouts. I can't find the song anywhere online so I figured i'd ask :) 
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  • You're so awesome for making this, Nier is amazing!
    p.s some songs play very quietly and have static, off the top of my head it remember it happening in Zora's domain. What audio settings do you recommending I use via Cemu?  
    Keep moving forward
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  • Would you be able to upload this to a file sharing site? GameBanana's download speeds are absolutely terrible.
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    I really love using this mod, you did a amazing job with it. I was also wondering if you could make bipolar nightmare an alternate theme for the guardian battles.
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    Amazing job!!!
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