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Purse Ownah Tree - A Mod for Persona 3 FES.

Makes Persona 3 FES significantly stupider. Not for the faint of heart or the serious of temperament.

Makes Persona 3 FES significantly stupider. Not for the faint of heart or the serious of temperament. 

to be more precise, it replaces various sounds, music, events, models, textures, etc. etc. etc. to things i find funny (some things i changed just for the hell of it though). not a ton has been changed but i hope it makes your playthrough a little more interesting

I'm releasing this as an """alpha""" for 3 reasons:

  1.  My enthusiasm for this project is running on fumes and i'm not likely to make any significant progress
  2.  In the event that i do decide to go forward with this, i can gauge interest and take feedback from the community so maybe it wont end up being colossal waste of time for the both of us
  3.  its broken and full of unused stuff (like any self-respecting alpha would be)


1.0a1 initial release

  • made the hermit SL stupider (i think i forgot to implement this)
  • im pretty sure i changed the sun SL too
  • kenji forgets he isn't on the internet
  • various flavor text changes
  • weapon, boot description changes
  • makoto now has drip (in battles / cutscenes w default outfit)
  • comedy cutscenes (i guess)
  • junpei is now junpei epstein (in battles)
  • SOME*** bgm changed to random stupid shit
  • some persona names changed
  • some skill names changed
  • microsoft aigis has been activated (unfinished and super quiet, if you want regular aigis back delete V450001.afs in data/sound and rebuild)
  • various sfx have been made funny
  • shinji and akihiko break good
  • some persona, weapon models changed
  • makoto and mitsuru fist dogs sometimes
  • outside of cutscenes and battles, makoto will always wear a yukata during the winter (because it makes him look cute)
  •  some more shit i probably forgot


microsoft aigis
  • needs to be louder
  • some files aren't changed bc i cant find them

lastly, i built this mod with mod compendium in mind because i am a complete fucking moron. if aemulus support doesnt work feel free to kick me in the balls until i fix it  

also this mod may or may not completely break bgm and cutscenes so good luck

its like 4 am mate i cba to fix any of this shit right now im just gonna let it be 

i can't think of anything more to say, so enjoy this piece of shit thing