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KBNHud - 10th Anniversary - A Mod for Team Fortress 2


KBNHud V503: Langsam-Ruhevol
l-Empfunden Edition
  • Addition Added more unique icons to the main menu, as too many had a similar look of three horizontal lines.
  • Addition Added link buttons on the main menu that open the following in your default browser: KBNHud's GitHub repo, KBNHud's HUDS.TF site, and my own Discord server.
  • Addition Added color customization for the dropshadows of the ammo counters
  • Addition Added voice chat toggle to the main menu (this is a little iffy. It shuts off voice just fine but re-enabling it is a bit wonky)
  • Addition Added transparent viewmodels customization at long last. Will work if you have the proper mods installed to enable it.
  • Addition Added a button to the main menu that automatically launches a local server running tr_walkway_rc2 if the user has the map installed/downloaded
  • Addition Added more abbreviations to chat_english.txt
  • Addition Added two commented lines to the hitmarkers animations file (/custom/kbnhud/scripts/animations/hitmarkers.txt), which when uncommented, cause the HUD crosshairs to blink as hitmarkers in place of separate ones. (For Malik794)
  • Improvement Updated class selection to display class limits as a fractional; eg. before it would say 2(3), now it will say 2/3. X meant either full or that that class was not allowed; full will say 3/3, and if the class is banned, it will say 'Banned'. (Thanks Uncletopia)
  • Improvement Changed queue popup to have expanded exit/manage button at the bottom of the popup, this is to prevent interference with the KBNHud button.
  • Overhaul Overhauled the customizations (again) in order to make the HUD compatible with the TF2 HUD Editor, the spiritual successor to the failed multi-installer from over half a decade ago. This requires a simplified customizations folder. To combat any confusion, I finally made a complete Wiki on the GitHub repo page, and an .html file in ^customizations links to this index with screenshots and instructions for those not using the Editor. (#IF CONFUSED, CLICK THIS#.html)
  • Adjustment As part of the above, I changed the 4x3 fixes to an uncommentable. In the ^customizations/#resolutions folder, 16x9 is uncommented, and _4x3 is commented. By changing them to _16x9 and 4x3, the menus will be changed to fit on non-widescreen aspect ratios.
  • Tweak Disabled the team colored bar under player health by default instead of it being enabled by default. The customization that hid it before now activates it: player_health_teamcolor_hudplayerhealth.res
  • Improvement Made the damage indicators that show where you were hit from less obtrusive (Thanks Horse)
  • Tweak Changed the default HUD crosshair color to bright green (0 255 0 255)
  • Tweak Changed default damage numbers/metal spent color to fuschia (255 0 255 255)
  • Tweak Changed low health and low ammo blink #2 colors to be more different from the initial #1 blink colors, this makes being at low health or low on ammo much more obvious and eye-catching
  • Improvement Changed destroy menu to no longer use icons, merely say "Destroy (building)" in red text, this allowed me to bring the vertical height of the destroy menu down to match the footprint of the build menu, because I'm obsessive like that.
  • Tweak Changed build menu to use the same metal color as the main indicator when able to build a building. It still displays red when you're short on metal.
  • Overhaul Updated Player Destruction elements to fit the general styling of objective displays
  • Overhaul Reverted back to older, non-centered TargetID due to numerous unfixable issues with centered TargetID. This also allows health to be displayed in disguise status, and for floating health to function. Rejoice, MvM players. Added a dropshadow to the text displaying the name of who/what you are looking at to improve general visibility versus the version found in v5.
  • Overhaul Changed Fighter Pilot Crosshairs to a single, universal file that works no matter what aspect ratio and resolution you are using. (about damn time) This was done to simplify and un-cramp the KBNHud page in the HUD Editor. It also allows for simplifying the associated Wiki page for the HUD and greater ease of use for less experienced users.
  • BugFix Fixed remaining issues with the symbol fonts used for the menus in Linux. Also renamed the symbol font file to match kbn as it is "custom" enough for me to be good with calling it my own.
  • BugFix Fixed inconsistencies with kerning of the HUD crosshairs in Linux. I feel this is prudent given the coming advent of the Steam Deck. Some were working out of the box, but very few. Most were very much out of alignment as compared to when the HUD is run in Windows, and impossible to align with xpos and ypos. Pushed these changes to the core version of Hypnotize's crosshairs pack on GitHub for all to use.
  • BugFix Fixed inconsistencies with Demoman charge meters
  • BugFix Fixed main menu background being blurry at low settings
  • BugFix Fixed MvM Upgrades summary not showing for selected item
  • BugFix Fixed the popup for healing and damage not moving with KNEdit mode
  • BugFix Fixed several halloween things
  • BugFix Fixed Hitmarker not actually disabling (Hotfix 1)
A big thanks to everyone else not mentioned here who lent a hand or maybe some code over these 10 long years, whether you're still around in this or not. It's been an honor and a pleasure, and I wish all of you the best on your continuing paths; while I walk mine. Let's see if TF2 lives for another 10 years.
KBNHud v502A1: Harvest Home Edition 3mo BugFix KBNHud v502: Harvest Home Edition 11mo Overhaul2 BugFix Removal KBNHud v501: Arlington Edition 1y Addition KBNHud v5: Drums of Heaven Edition 1y Addition17 Improvement26 Overhaul22 Adjustment Feature3 BugFix5 Tweak3 Removal3

10th Anniversary

Thanks for ten years, yes, 10 YEARS of KBNHud everybody! It's been awesome!


Made by a sniper main, for sniper mains.

I made this HUD from the bones of KNHUD when I was a Sniper in UGC, and decided to share it. Now has derivative elements from eveHUD, rayshud, OMPhud, and Gam3nHUD. The main theme is transparency and lack of backgrounds, with secondary focus on being in the focus area for snipers, at the center of the screen, as well as lots of included customization and easily edited colors.

Closed captions courtesy of Clovervidia are included with the HUD.

Loads of customization, from colors to overrides, alternate main menus, hitmarkers, crosshairs, scoreboard, and if you have an idea for a new one, please do tell me.

Full screenshots album

Main Site

Main Site wiki

Steam Group

Discord Server

J├Âtunn out.
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    The lil message inside warmed my heart.
    Thank you for making this amazing HUD, I'll cya soon. :)
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    I am not really fan, but why not.
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    I would suggest that you add a screenshot or two with the ability bars like mad-milk the medi-gun and the invisiwatch
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    I am really enjoying this hud so far, but would you please include a separate version next time you update it, which doesn't consist of any custom crosshairs? Thank you, and keep up the good work, please.
    You can do anything
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    4y 4y
    i dont like the custom crosshair so i give it a 7/10
    Yo mama
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    this is gud.
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    funny word
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    so since the main menu has ben modified to death by the new update, could you upload a picture of what that looks like?
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  • I really like this hud, but there is one problem. I can not see how much health my allies have.
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    Posted by Headphone Actor

    Posted by Drucy

    Hey, just wanted to ask a couple of question :

    1) Is it possible to enlarge the killfeed ?
    The size of the rest is fine but the smurf-sized killfeed hurts my eyes.

    2) Where's the main menu background picture located ? I'd like to put my own background there.

    Other than that, this Hud is awesome.
    Thanks on advance.

    Background is located at (hud folder)/materials/console
    Thank you for answering. I apologize for not doing so myself.
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    How did you get here?
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