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dosHUD - A Mod for Team Fortress 2.

dosHUD is the HUD you always wanted but never got - A TF2 hud based on 2 years of demands and DOS games.

A hud for TF2 attempting to emulate that of old DOS games.

dosHUD is that legendary hud that people have seemingly asked for time (27th of June 2020, 25 upvotes) and time (27th of June 2020, 3.7k upvotes) and time (Deadline: 6th of June 2018) (you may see here that the request is finished, it actually never did get finished: here) again and for some odd reason nobody ever actually made, or rather finished.

This started to really peeve me off so here I am with a TF2 hud based on the image from 27 days ago...

dosHUD is the HUD you always wanted but never got.


  • An absolutely massive bottom bar done in perfect ratio to the original DooM
  • Support for 3D models, zoomed in on the face to evoke that classic DooM vibe
  • Support for every single item that exists in the game, all fit snugly onto the HUD
  • Support for 4:3 as well as any resolution wider than 4:3 (16:9, 21:9)
  • Team coloured themes, so you aren't stuck weirdly with blu on red and vice versa
  • Absolutely zero intuitive-ness, much like the original DooM
  • Cleanly overlaid over the original HUD files, anything not touched by dosHUD is left in it's default state.


  • Does this work with the latest version? Probably. TF2 basically never updates now.
  • Why 'dosHUD', why not 'doomHUD'? If you look a bit into it, you'll realise that a lot of DOS games use this HUD and even Quake 3, which wasn't on DOS, uses a derivative of this HUD style. Games that used HUD like this include:
    • Wolfenstein 3D
    • DooM
    • DooM 2
    • Quake
    • Quake 2
    • Quake 3
    • Hexen
    • Chex Quest
    • Duke Nukem
  • Will this ever expand into the main menu? This is something I'd love to do but I feel the novelty might not be there on some of it, plus the menu wouldn't play ball half the time due to the new meet your match things.
  • The HUD model for [class with certain weapon] isn't centered! Centering it as it is was already a pain, class poses vary massively.
  • I've found a bug with something you should be supporting, where can I report it? Under Github issues is the best place to report them, reports are accepted through Twitter and Discord though if you know me on those platforms, however all reports given to me through there will be put onto Github issues publicly.

Supported features

Everything under here is MEANT to work, if you find an issue with any of the following, you should report back immediately.
  • Game versions:
    • Team Fortress 2 Vanilla, post 2020 bot measures
  • Gamemodes:
    • Attack/Defense
    • Control Points
    • King Of The Hill
    • Capture The Flag
    • Payload
    • Payload Race
    • Arena
    • Territory Control
  • Teams:
    • RED
    • BLU
  • Items
    • Any items found in Team Fortress 2's steam version

Untestable platforms/features

  • Special things:
    • Killstreak
  • Platforms
    • MacOS
      • Unlike Linux, I can't easily (legitimately) install a copy of OSX


  • This HUD currently lacks the following intended features:
    • Player status symbols
    • Current mannpower power up
  • This has not been tested with the following:

    • Linux
    • MacOS
    • Ultrawide (This should work, but I'm not making any guarantees)
    • Mann VS Machine
    • Halloween events
    • Competitive matchmaking

Special thanks

  • HUDS.TF Discord server - For help fixing the specific things, by name:
    • Hypnotize, Whisker - Anchor point references
    • _Revan - Linking me to the server directly, animated color help
    • DrinkinTea - Minor help on the animations
  • JarateKing - For this amazing guide: JarateKing/TF2-Hud-Reference
  • - For specific problems like this and for threads like this
  • Doodle - For this similarly great guide, even if it's a bit old: Doodle's Stuff
another btw: koth_king is the best map and I wouldn't have chosen any other map to test on

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