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Sonic Advanced - Sonic Over SoR3-Skate - A Mod for Streets of Rage 4


Version 5.0 (actually fixed) 4mo
  • BugFix Replaced all the wonky sprites I thought I fixed in the last update.
  • Improvement Better grapple strike combo.
Version 4 (corrected sprites) 9mo BugFix Version 3.0 10mo Improvement2 Overhaul Version 2.0 12mo Adjustment2

Blast through with Sonic speed! Sonic over SoR3 Skate!

My first mod. I'm excited. Made it over an afternoon and a little early in the morning. You're going to need to use SoR4 Explorer to install and I named all the sprites the appropriate name to make things easier. I managed to minimize some of the wonky animation warping and stretching the best I could for now. I used two sprite sheets made by the same guy(s).

EDIT: No idea how I missed (again) that I had uploaded the wrong sprite set for Sonic Advanced Sonic, but it's definitely fixed and tested now. Deepest apologies folks.


Chaos Low Priority
  • Please make a zip file of this
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  • Oof2000 avatar
    Oof2000 Joined 10mo ago
    Is there a video tutorial on how to make SOR4explorer work?
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  • Johnnykey avatar
    Johnnykey Joined 11mo ago
    10mo 10mo
    About the v3, for some reason I can't replace textures with SoR4Explorer on characterselect/

    portraits, retro_icons and sor4_icons

    It says that "textures are missing" or don't exist. Can't quote exactly as my anti-virus decided to close it despite being disabled temporarily (it started detecting it as a virus a couple of weeks ago for some unknown reason).

    EDIT: I just tested and it's a lot better than before, no distortion whatsoever and better animations. I'm just wondering if Sonic should be so small in comparison to a human being. Though doing this made it better being less pixelated.
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  • Awesome mod, thank you. I love it!
    Also it doesn't stop people from doing the "Perfect" achievement method, I did it with Sonic.
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