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Dark Linka & The King's Revenge (Mod Pack) - A Mod for The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker


Quick Bugfixes 8mo
  • BugFix Put Darkfall enemies on the proper night layer (5 instead of 1)
  • BugFix Restored the Great Fairy Theme which was using the battle theme
  • BugFix Restored original FF collision where a specific triangle would warp the player away
New Content Update and Fixes 8mo BugFix5 Adjustment6 Addition28 King's Tower Quickfix 9mo BugFix Narwa's Lair Reward Fix 9mo BugFix2 Adjustment2 Addition Narwa's Lair Bug Fixes 10mo BugFix4 Improvement2 Addition

NOTE: The texture pack is mandatory and not optional as of right now, please follow the instructions thoroughly; if the game says "Randomizer" instead of "Dark Linka Edition", you do not have it installed. This is mentioned because of many users who have forgotten the last steps.

At last, it's finally here! This is a mod pack that has been in the works for 4 months, if not more. Hundreds of hours were poured into this project, so I hope you will enjoy it as I take a break from WW modding.

Now, what is this pack? You may be familiar with my Linka mod, which became a lot more popular than I expected it to be. My own take on a female Link, I enjoyed the creative process so much, that combined with all the requests I got to make more Linka content, I decided to do a mod pack about a new character: Dark Linka.

It includes a new story and lore, new textures, models, voice clips, menus, HUD, animations, maps, lighting, and even a custom soundtrack with 35 new songs!

Before we get started, make sure to look at the attached instructions on this page, which can also be found in the README. This is a lot of info, but it will make sure you understand what this includes, and how to use it properly. Note that there is a 50-image limit, so I cannot show all that this pack contains. There will eventually be a showcase video in the future, so I hope you look forward to it!

I recommend not using Randomized Enemy Colors the first time you play the mod, as that setting will change the palettes of my custom enemies and bosses.

It was also reported that the game may hang in the last room of the extra dungeon. I cannot replicate it, but a simple fix is to click "Ignore" when the error pops up on Dolphin.
EDIT: That crash should now be gone. Let me know if it still occurs!
INSTRUCTIONS (Follow in order, do not forget the texture pack!)
GCFT Download:
Randomizer Download:

(NOTE: There is a bug with the 1.8.0 version of the Randomizer where it cannot randomize if the base ISO contains a modified ship.arc, and the model folder has the exact same file.
To fix it, simply remove "ship.arc" from her Randomizer folder, or from the Dark Linka Pack folder, in files/res/Object)
Dark Linka Pack folder installation:
1. With your vanilla ISO opened in GCFT, click "Import Folder over GCM".
2. Navigate inside the Dark Linka Pack folder, click anywhere but on "files",  just be in the Dark Linka Pack folder. Click Open and it should install the mod almost instantly.
3. In GCFT, navigate to Files > res > Stage > Ojhous2.
4. Right-click on Ojhous2 and click "Add File".
5. Navigate to Dark Linka Pack > files > res > Stage > Ojhous2.
6. Select Room2.arc and add the file.
7. Repeat the same process but with Room8.arc and Room9.arc.
8. Right-click on Stage and select "Add Folder" (Only available on GCFT 1.8.0)
9. Type "Ojtrain" without the quotation marks, following the capitalization.
10. Scroll down and navigate to Ojtrain, right-click it and select "Add File".
11. In the Dark Linka Pack, navigate to Files > res > Stage > Ojtrain.
12. Add Room0.arc and Stage.arc to the Ojtrain folder you created.
13. Export the ISO as a new one with any name you like!
Randomizer folder installation:
NOTE: You can ONLY randomize over the mod pack, and not the other way around where you install the mod pack over a randomized ISO.

1. Place the "Dark Linka" folder inside the "models" folder of the Randomizer.
2. Take a look at the "Casual Presets" and "Hero Presets" image files to pick a palette that you like, though this is optional if you want her normal look.
3. Launch the Randomizer and in the Player Customization tab, select the Dark Linka mod.
4. Wait about 15-20 seconds as it loads the mod.
5. If you want a custom palette, from the palette drop down you can pick any that I made, I don't recommend setting every color manually since you will have to wait each time you change colors.
(If you truly want your own palettes, open metadata.txt in her model folder and delete all the presets, while keeping the base color data at the very top)
6. Once the mod and / or palette is selected, go back to the first tab.
7. For "Clean WW ISO", select the new ISO you created with GCFT.
8. For "Output Folder", select the folder where your Randomized ISO will be generated.
9. Seed name can be anything, clicking "New seed" will generate a random name, but you can write your own too.
10. Click "Randomize", wait until it completes the process!
Texture Pack installation:
(This is assuming you are using a dev build of Dolphin, and not stable or beta as the paths are different and some issues may be present with a non-development build)
1. Go inside the "Texture Pack" folder and select all folders
2. In a new window, navigate to (Drive) > Users > (User) > Documents > Dolphin Emulator > Load > Textures.
3. Create a folder named "GZLE99" without the quotation marks.
4. Place the folders that were inside "Texture Pack" inside the GZLE99 folder.
5. In Dolphin, click "Graphics" at the top.
6. Click on the last tab, "Advanced".
7. Check "Load Custom Textures" and then close the window.
8. Launch the game! If all goes well, you should have many custom textures, a quick test is to check the title screen and make sure it says "Dark Linka Edition".

If the textures do not load, look at your paths in Dolphin's settings to see if you are using a different path than the default one, or if OneDrive changed the paths.
~ Q: Who is Dark Linka?
~ A: Dark Linka is a different take on my Linka mod; a girl that comes from a darker, corrupted timeline.

Her name is actually Kirie, in similar fashion to Ravio not having the same name as Link in ALBW.
However she decided to give up on her former identity when she met the pure-hearted Linka, and always tries to be one step ahead of her.

While Linka travels through timelines for research purposes and to help as many people as she can find, Dark Linka hops through timelines for fun, stealing all sorts of powerful items and relics or facing new challenges to avoid boredom.

She holds no remorse for her actions as she considers all of this a mere game, but is "evil" in an innocent way.

To contrast Linka using heroic or cute items that she finds on her travels, Dark Linka uses darker items, or items that strong characters and villains used throughout the Zelda series, that she snatches without permission.

Her boat, the Prince of Dark Dragons, is someone she met in one of those timelines, who seeks revenge on the King of Hyrule, who took over his land. Considering Dark Linka's immense strength and her ability to hold and control powerful artifacts such as Majora's Mask, this dark boat accompanies her in order to find the Dark Triforce, an artificial relic that is said to rival the power of the Gods.

Who is this prince, anyway? You'll have to find out when you beat the game!
~ Q: What is this timeline? Everything is so dark and spooky!
A: This is a timeline where dark energy influenced the natural order of life. Ganondorf was sealed away, yet there is no hero to be found...
Many inhabitants of the original timeline simply evolved into a darker version of themselves, whereas other characters like Link and Grandma simply do not exist... or they passed away.
However, one person is determined to bring light and order back. It's up to Dark Linka to stop that from happening!
~ Q: Is this mod compatible with the vanilla game, or is it Randomizer only?
~ A: Randomizer only. This is because I have removed certain story events for memory optimization, and also completely changed important maps such as Orca's house.
Furthermore, changing the entire game's script and cutscenes to reflect my story / mod would take an insane amount of work and I just do not have the time for it.
The Randomizer removes a lot of text and cutscenes and so I worked with what was left for a more streamlined experience.
Lastly, many of the item pickups I added will only appear in the Randomizer as they were not programmed to appear in the vanilla game.

It is possible to play the mod with the vanilla game if some files are removed, but I still do not recommend it, any issues will be for you to figure out.
~ Q: Is this mod playable on consoles?
~ A: Unfortunately not at the moment, due to an issue with custom indoor locations not working on original hardware.
~ Q: Did you make this entire mod all by yourself?
~ A: I did! However, it would not have been possible without the help and tools of many people in the community, as well as the support of many friends.
~ Q: I have a crash and I'm stuck! What do I do?
~ A: As of this mod's release, there should not be any crashes left. However, the memory usage in this game can be pretty odd and hard to figure out at times..
Please report the crash to me, either on the mod's download page, or in the WWR Discord Server! I will do my best to figure it out.

If you crash in "Shark's Trial" on the last room, simply click "Ignore" on the message that pops up. That error should have been fixed but could still happen.

Alternatively, you can use a debug map select code to warp into the room you need to access. There should only be crashes in Forsaken Fortress and Hyrule which I also have fixed.
~ Q: I cannot Randomize the ISO! I get a "Randomization failed with error: 'FileEntry' object has no attribute 'image_format'". How come?
~ A: This is an issue with the Randomizer that was fixed and will be included in the next version. Until then, make sure you only have one "ship.arc" file, either in the Dark Linka Pack folder, or the Randomizer model folder.
~ Q: Why is the Randomizer stuck when selecting Dark Linka?
~ A: This is another issue with the Randomizer due to her large amount of color presets.
It can take from 5 seconds to 20 seconds to load depending on your computer, therefore I recommend using one of the color presets I made, or using none.
~ Q: Can I use Dark Linka on her own without the mod pack?
A: Yes! Simply use the Randomizer folder and do not install the pack with GCFT.
~ Q: Can I use a specific file only, such as the Lizalfos, or the custom soundtrack without the other changes?
A: Also yes! You can insert any specific files manually over your ISO with GCFT with the "Replace File" option.
The soundtrack is located in files/Audiores/Seqs/JaiSeqs.arc, for other files you can refer to these lists:

Actor list:

Map lists:,-Island,-and-Object-Names
~ Q: Why wasn't (example) changed? Are there things that cannot be changed?
~ A: Yes, mostly content that the Randomizer adds on top of my mod. There are also some issues that cannot be fixed at the moment, here is a list:

- Takkuri texture issue on Revenant Island: Does not always happen, is memory-related.
- Camera angle after defeating the final boss: Stb cutscene files cannot be edited yet.
- Final boss turning to stone has a quick / jarring animation: Cannot be fixed, issue with the repacking process.
- Poe soul texture sometimes appears incorrect and is duplicated: No idea why it happens, rare issue.
- "The sea is yours" text refers to Ganondorf, despite him not being the final boss: Randomizer-only text, cannot fix.
- The "Shadow Sail" is named the "Swift Sail": Randomizer-only text, cannot fix.
- Rylla (Aryll) calls Dark Linka "brother": Randomizer-only text, cannot fix.
- Weird bubble after the final battle that stays stationary, and Dark Linka's eyes get messed up: Issue with the repacking process, cannot fix.
- Poe Soul is named "Key Bag": Randomizer-only text, cannot fix.
- Free items such as Magic Armor or Power Bracelets may eventually disappear / become unavailable, won't fix.
- Narwa can get stuck behind a torch, giving tons of free hits if using jump slashes. Intended.

If you find anything else that isn't listed here, let me know!
~ Q: Why is there a big shark when swimming?
~ A: I can't believe I'm putting that one here but it has been asked at least a hundred times! The answer is... I'll let you figure that one out. :)
~ Q: What does this mod pack include? (SPOILERS, careful!)
A: 4 months in the making, this mod pack completely changes the look and feel of The Wind Waker.
Many things were changed, so here is the full list of content included in this mod pack.
- Dark Linka, a full replacement for Link, with a custom voice, custom items and a custom boat
Hero's Sword: Phantom Ganon's Sword
Master Sword: Demise's Sword
Hero's Shield: Lorulean Shield
Mirror Shield: Umbra Shield
Boat: Prince of Dark Dragons
Casual Clothes: Devilish & Stylish
Hero's Clothes: Antiheroine of Time
Power Bracelets: Fierce Deity's Bracers
Hero's Charm: Phantom Ganon's Mask
Bottle: Poe Lantern
Elixir Soup: Mysterious Potion
Bottled Fairy: Stray Fairy
Telescope: Dark Fairy
Sail: Shadow Sail
Wind Waker: Majora's Mask & Moon
Grappling Hook: ??? / Toilet Hand
Salvage Hook: Shadow Temple Statue
Iron Boots: Poe Sister Meg & Clones
Tingle Tuner: Fierce Deity's Mask
Picto Box: Mask of Truth
Magic Armor: Dark Aura
Bow: Dark Bow
Regular / Fire / Ice / Light Arrows: Skull Arrows / Dark Fire / Dark Ice / Silver Arrows
Pirate's Charm: Poe Soul
Boomerang: Ganon's Trident
Hookshot: Scervo's Hook
Deku Leaf (Ground): Fierce Deity Sword
Deku Leaf (Swing): Fierce Deity Sword + Majora's Mask Print (If used against a wall)
Deku Leaf (Air): Mad Batter
Bombs: Tied-up Miniblins
Cannon: Dread Cannon
Skull Hammer: Master Sword? / Stalfos Hammer
All-Purpose Bait: Leftovers / Bones
Hyoi Pear: Fake Rupee / Red Rupee
Seagull: Takkuri
Mark Icon: Skull Icon
Water circle (when swimming): Pet Gyorg / Big Shark
- Alternate Files
Regular sea / lighting instead of the Blood Sea (Not fully tested, feel free to report any issues)
Stalfos Hammer instead of Master Sword Pedestal
Prince of Dark Dragons with regular Sail, Cannon and Salvage Hook
King of Dark Lions (KoRL recolor)
- Other item + inventory-related changes
Joy Pendant: Happy Pendant
Triforce Shards: Dark Triforce Shards
Triforce: Dark Triforce
Din's Pearl: Nid's Pearl
Nayru's Pearl: Runya's Pearl
Farore's Pearl: Rofera's Pearl
Heart: Dark Heart
Heart Piece: Dark Heart Piece
Heart Container: Dark Heart Container
- Menu changes
Items menu: Red recolor
Hearts & Magic Meter: Dark Hearts & Red Magic Meter
HUD: Dark HUD / buttons
Camera icons: Dark Linka's eye + Credit to myself
- Text changes
Female Pronoun Patch
All instances of multiple names changed to fit the lore (Such as Valda, King, Witch, Mrs. Happie, Makabri, Medelroc, Maglin, Sakila, etc.)
New Island names (Such as Tempest Isle, Darkfall Island, Origin Island, etc.)
New song names:
Black Wind's Howl (Wind's Requiem)
Hymn of Cyclones (Ballad of Gales)
Obey Symphony (Command Melody)
Nocturne of Shadow (Earth God's Lyric)
Minuet of Forest (Wind God's Aria)
Moon's Chant (Song of Passing)
Treasure Chart text now says "Yuck..." before the item get text
Changes to all item descriptions in both the item get text and inventory
Changes to a lot of dialogue from multiple NPCs such as Tott, Tingle, Zelda and more
New, extra text that give multiple hints about new content

And more!
- Retextures, Texture Pack & Hi-res textures
Complete retextures for:
Aryll (Rylla)
Beedle (Deeble)
All bosses (Dark versions)
All enemies (Dark versions)
Darknut Capes (Hyrule Crest)
Forest Haven, Forbidden Woods & Cliff Plateau
Ganon's Tower Doors
Goddess Pearls
Jabun (Bajun)
Komali (Maliko) and all the Rito plus the Mail Center
Logos & Title Screen
Mrs. Marie & her school (Mrs. Happie)
Outset & Windfall NPCs
Windfall Island
Swim Icon
Always.arc changes (Recolored arrows, Hearts, Heart Containers / Pieces, pots, Moon)
Custom item icons
Hi-res texture pack

And more!
- Lighting changes
Complete lighting changes for the entire sea, all islands and 61 other maps!
The entire sea is now the Blood Sea, with a dark sky and a focus on gloomy, cloudy, rainy and dark weather
Many indoor locations are much darker
Great Fairy Caves are color-coded
- Custom soundtrack
The first music pack for the game, now with 35 new songs!

Zelda 1 / Four Swords Adventures:
Ganon Dungeon / Death Mountain / Tower of Flames (Hyrule)

Zelda 2:
Battle Theme (Sea Battle Theme)

A Link to the Past / Four Swords Adventures:
Seal of Seven Maidens / Hyrule Fields (Outset Island)
Death Mountain / Realm of the Heavens (Dragon Roost Island)
Fortune Teller / Shop Theme (House Theme)
Dark World (Sailing / Great Sea Theme)
Majestic Castle / Hyrule Castle (Ganondorf's Theme)
Boss Theme (Miniboss Theme)
Dark World Dungeon Theme (Forsaken Fortress)

Link's Awakening:
House Theme (Grandma / Link's House)
Face Shrine (Phantom Ganon's Room)
Mysterious Woods (Forbidden Woods)
Bottle Grotto (Earth Temple)
Tail Cave (Shark's Trial / New Dungeon)

Ocarina of Time:
Shop Theme (Beedle's Shop Ship)
Boss Theme (Gohdan's Theme)
Lost Woods (Forest Haven Interior)
Gerudo Valley (Fairy Woods)
Minuet of Forest (Wind God's Aria)
Nocturne of Shadow (Earth God's Lyric)
Boss Clear Fanfare (Victory Fanfare)
Game Over (Thrown in Jail Theme)

Majora's Mask:
Clock Tower / Song of Healing (File Select Theme)
Pirates' Fortress (Tower of the Gods)
Majora's Wrath (Puppet Ganon Phase 3)

The Minish Cap:
Minish Village (Wind Temple)

The Wind Waker:
The Great Sea is Cursed (Puppet Ganon Phase 1)

Spirit Tracks:
Forest / Snow / Ocean Temple (Pirate Ship)

Twilight Princess:
Title Theme (Title Screen)
Faron Woods (Forest Haven Exterior)
Midna's Lament (Windfall Island)
Bridge on Fire (Big Octo / Sea Miniboss Theme)
Graveyard (Dragon Roost Cavern)
Hidden Training (Training with Orca)
Battle Theme (Land Battle Theme)

Skyward Sword:
Koloktos & Moldarach Theme (Puppet Ganon Phase 2)
- Map changes and new maps
New cutscenes / camera events
A very special sign on "Origin Island"
Many map changes, including but not limited to:
Quiver & Bomb Bag upgrade on "Big Shark Island"
Magic Armor and Hero's Charm in "Witch's Hut" and "Darkfall Island"
Graveyard in Earth Temple entrance
New layout in "Tempest Isle" and "Revenant Island"
New layout and items in "Origin Island" and "Darkfall Island"
New item pickups in islands such as Cliff Plateau Isles
New layout in Ice Ring Isle
New interior in "Happy Oasis"
Removed waterfalls in "Phantom Tower"
New layout in "Someone's jail"
New layout in "Death Mountain"
Multiple hidden or free Dark Heart Containers

New maps!
Desert Colossus (Fairy Woods)
Someone's Room in "Nameless Island"
Narwa's Lair in "Big Shark Island"
A new mini-dungeon, "Shark's Trial" in Hyrule

And more!

- New animations
Dark Linka now holds hammers like a two-handed sword
The King of Hyrule blocks with his Hylian Shield properly
- Particle effect & Rel changes
A few particle effects and rel files were changed, removed or recolored
Recolored smoke trails for the final Phantom Lion phase
Removed orange strings from the King's Sword and Shield
Removed hair from Puppet Lion's third phase
- Color presets
Over 80 presets!
Hero Color presets are based on various Dark Link and Shadow Link appearances, as well as a few extras.
Casual Color presets are based on many characters from various franchises. Can you recognize them all?

- New models
Lizalfos (Bokoblin)
Goomba (Miniblin)
Dark Pig & Demon Pig (Pig & Large Pig)
Bongo Bongo (Gohdan)
Custom Title Screen
Bully & Bully's Friends (Killer Bees)
Maglin, the female Moblin (Maggie)
Royal Greatsword (Darknut Sword)
Hylian Shield (Darknut Shield)
Hylian Helmet (Darknut Helmet)
Phantom Lion (Phantom Ganon)
Sail (Phantom Ganon's Sword)
Puppet Lion (Puppet Ganon)
King Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule (Ganondorf)
King Rock (Ganondorf Rock)
Elegy of Emptiness Statue / Linka Drowned (Floormaster)
Sakila, Sakon's descendant (Mila)
Dead Palm Tree (Palm Tree, 2 models)
Someone / Nameless (Tingle)
Triforce (Shop Guru Statue)
Triforce (King cutscene model)
Triforce (King regular model)
Raven (Seagull)
Fierce Deity's Mask Item Get (Tingle Tuner)
Elixir Soup Item Get (Mysterious Potion)
Witch (Grandma)
Medelroc, the Kiro girl (Medli)
Makabri, the mischevious Orokk (Makar)
Princess Valda (Princess Zelda)
Hero of Time Statue (Unused Darknut Statue model)
Gossip Stone (Armos)
Majora's Mask Chuchu (Chuchu)

I most likely forgot a few things, but that should be the gist of it!
If you would like to support my work, you can do so on my Patreon: and YouTube:



Add Console Support by fixing RTBL chunks High Priority
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  • OracleSight avatar
    OracleSight Joined 2mo ago
    I love this mod but I got a small problem, in the game's beginning whenever I go near Orca's house the other old man who do the targeting tutorial is suppose to call out to me but the camera doesn't move and the dialogue won't display and I can't move anymore, the game doesn't freeze or crash but I can't move.
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  • Kywii avatar
    Kywii Joined 2mo ago
    2mo 2mo
    Hey man, loving that modpack.
    I have an issue though, some textures issues that is, Aryll (and most NPCs) look weird, some places look off compared to how it's supposed to be, wearing the Hero's Outfit looks broken (on the texture side of things again)...

    To list what I did :
    - I used my USA ISO of WW to install the modpack.
    - I followed every step of the README text file.
    - I used BetterWW to add some patches to make the ride smoother. (NOT the source of my problems afaik)
    - I made Dolphin load the Texture Pack, I know it is 100% loaded. 

    But some textures are still missing or wrong.

    I would provide an image, but I don't have the unlock yet, still took some screenshots just in case.
    URL to post:
  • Hello there! 
    I love this MOD! Thanks a lot.
    However, I got a tiny request. Could you compile the JaiSeqs.arc file with the original battle music and great sea theme restored?
    I tried to compile it myself, but the file is buggy and no music is being played at all.
    Thanks so much, this would make the mod perfect! 
    URL to post:
  • 6mo 6mo
    I really like the mod but it's extremely weird what happened to me during a Randomizer party


    I unlocked the rope grapple and lots of other stuff I didn't save beacause it worked well and suddenly with this said grapple I'm going to fish for a treasure that is at the foot of the Forsaken Fortress and there suddenly when opening the safe I hear a noise which shows that I have lost all my life, and my character is frozen in the animation or he raises his hand in the air to show his object.
    There was no object no description it stayed like that and i could'n touch any button x(

    suddenly the party is over 
    URL to post:
  • When will a version of the mod be released for European regions? Because the mod is excellent but being a French, I would like it to exist. Because the game crashes when we mod a European version with this mod. Thank you.
    URL to post:
  • sping922 avatar
    sping922 Joined 7mo ago
    hi i just want to say, i love this mod, its so awesome and honestly the amount of work into it is phenomal and its really fun to play, i just wanted to ask one thing, is it possible for me to go and edit the files to replace the battle theme with the vanilla wind waker one? if not thats perfectly fine, im just a sucker for it and it is my favorite zelda battle theme. thanks ^^
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  • Maq47 avatar
    Maq47 Joined 8mo ago
    When is console support coming? What are the 'RTBL chunks', and can I fix them myself? Does anyone know?
    URL to post:
  • FranckyVincent avatar
    FranckyVincent Joined 8mo ago
    8mo 8mo
    Hi ! The mod looks awesome but the game freezes during the transition between the title screen and the file selection one. I tried reinstalling the mod on the original iso but still have the same problem (  the original works fine, but it's a PAL version so idk if it changes anything ). Any ideas on how to solve this ?

    EDIT : Solved by using a NTSC iso 
    URL to post:
  • to clarify, the item textures have fully loaded but thus far the music pack has not loaded, the sea and sky are still blue, hud elements with the exception of the item textures have not changed, the npcs havent changed, and grandmas house hasnt changed
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  • some things are loading for me but not others. i have screenshots but cant upload them here cuz i havent unlocked it.
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