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Randomizer skin pack - A Mod for The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.

Here's a big fat skinpack for you all. The modelers gave their all to make these models, head over here to thank them if you got time:

Created using SuperBMD by Sage-of-Mirrors, and Wind Waker Model Helpers by LagoLunatic.

Learn how to make a custom model with the help of this tutorial:

Also keep in mind that these models were made in mind with the randomizer and weren't tested thoroughly in cutscenes, so oddities might show up from time to time.


  • Dolphin Emulator.
  • A legal copy of a Wind Waker ISO.

Extracting your ISO:
This mod is easier to install with an extracted Wind Waker ISO. It makes editing individual files easier, and you won't have to worry about injecting files directly into the ISO.
  1. Open Dolphin, right click your Wind Waker ISO, and click on Properties. Go to the Filesystem tab.
  2. Right click on Disc, and click Extract Entire Disc, and choose a new folder in an easily accessible location. (I.E. "C:\Users\John Doe\Documents\Dolphin Emulator\ISOs\LOZWW".)
  3. Click on Configure, and go to the Paths tab. Make sure your LOZWW folder is added to the ISO directories.
  4. Add the path for dolphin to find the boot.dol you just extracted.
  5. The game should appear in the game list, but with 0 bytes of data. This is normal. You can now open it like any other game.

Installing the Model:

  1. In your extracted models folder, open the folder of the model you would like to use.
  2. Create a backup of Link.arc located in "files\res\Object" of the extracted game files.
  3. Replace the vanilla Link.arc with the modded one.

Installing Custom Audio:
  1. Head over to "files\Audiores"
  2. Make a backup of jailnit.aaf
  3. From this current location, head to "\Banks" and make a backup of
  4. Replace both files with the ones in the custom model folder.


  • Gamma/Sage of Mirrors (@SageOfMirrors): Rigged and imported Tetra.
  • LagoLunatic (@LagoLunatic): Rigged and imported Medli.
  • Ikey Ilex: Modeled, rigged and imported Sans and Lucario; rigged and imported Poor Mila.
  • Laenthor (Youtube): Rigged and imported Fado, Aryll, and Goku.
  • InTheBeef (@InTheBeef): Rigged and imported Cheerleader Link, Zora Link, and Saria.
  • Windwalker14: Rigged and imported Fox Link.
  • Praecipua (@PraecipuaWW): Imported voices for Medli.
  • KromosRuby (DeviantArt): Modeled Saria.
These models were made with a combination of SuperBMD and WW Model Helper Scripts.

  • JK0JK avatar
    JK0JK Joined 2y ago
    I'm having some problems. It says boot.dol is 3.65 MiB and when I boot it up, the game tells me that an error has occured, and so I can't play the unpacked version to test for the skins.

    I didn't understand 4 but the boot.dol file appears there so I guess that is right.

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  • 8BlueJay8 avatar
    8BlueJay8 Joined 2y ago
    2y 2y
    Thank you so much for making this, I really appreciate the fact that you spent time to make this, definitely a mod I will use with chaos edition. ;) EDIT: Never mind, you have a whole team!

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    If I use the Fox Link does that make me a furry?
    Did somebody say Gamer?
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  • lemmingscanfly avatar
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    Since you're adding anthro garbage, why not the one actually from the series: Pink Bunny Link.
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  • Is there any way to repack the iso so I could use the skins with nintendont? I tried repacking the iso using WinCDEmu but that didn't work, though I expected it not to. Also, where do I put the metadata.txt if I want to change the colors of the model?
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  • laffycake avatar
    laffycake Joined 4y ago
    100 points Ranked 108,352nd
    Will Laruto ever get added to this?
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  • Hey, I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, but Wind Waker black-screens on startup when trying to run any of these models.

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  • user619 avatar
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    Is there anyway to make this work for the wii U version of this game?
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