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DC Hyper Sonic Mod - A Mod for Sonic Adventure DX


Small hotfix update (V3.2) 2d
  • Adjustment Minor update to update the mod's manifest file.
Hyper Sonic Mod V3.2 - The Customization Update 2d Addition3 BugFix Removal Hyper Sonic Mod v3.1-indev 1mo Addition2 Hotfix release 2mo Hyper Sonic Mod v3.01 2mo BugFix
This mod adds Hyper Sonic as a 100% Completion Bonus (130 emblems!) Hyper Sonic has a higher top speed and acceleration than Super Sonic and has a perma-invincibility aura as an aesthetic.
This mod recommends DC Characters Pack and possibly requires DC Conversion to work correctly!
The mod requires either SF94's Super Sonic mod or Kell's Super Sonic mod (recommended!)

This mod is now compatible with DC Styled Super Sonic, a mod that restores Super Sonic's environment mapped textures onto the SADX Super Sonic model! It is recommended to install this if you are using the SADX models.

As of V3.1-Indev, Hyper Sonic Mod is now open source.
You can contribute to the mod here:
DC Hyper Sonic Mod github repository

v2.0 Update: Complete overhaul! DC Hyper Sonic Mod is no longer just a skin mod! Be sure to read update notes!

v1.3 Update: Support for default / Sonic Adventure DX's Super Sonic model. However I highly recommend you use Dreamcast models as it generally looks better.

v1.2 Update: Added another voice clip and added "HYPER SONIC" text to Adventure mode's character select screen. New voice clip can be heard by using the Fixes/Adds/Beta Restores mod and fighting Perfect Chaos.

v1.1 Update: Changed the grunt sound Sonic makes when transforming or choosing Super Sonic's story mode. It resembles Hyper Sonic's echo-y voice from Sonic: Nazo Unleashed.
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