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Zelda's Ballad & More - A Mod for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Switch)


Hotfix 2 for Alpha 2.1 5mo
  • BugFix Fixed black eyes bug
How to apply the Hotfix:
1. Extract the .rar file
2. Overwrite the mod folder with the extracted files.

Note: Make sure to install Hotfix 1 and Alpha 2.1 before updating.
Hotfix 1 for Alpha 2.1 5mo BugFix Alpha 2.1 5mo BugFix Alpha 2.0 (DO NOT UPDATE TO THIS VERSION) 5mo Feature BugFix Adjustment Improvement

The Switch Port of Zelda's Ballad!

Foreword by MenInBlack:

It's finally here!
The long-awaited Switch Port of Zelda's Ballad!

This Port includes: 
Zelda's Ballad v1.2
Girly Animation Pack A v3
Dialogue and Cutscene-Audio Adjustments v1.6

1. Introduction
2. Credits
3. How to install
4. Notes


This mod is a Port of the mods mentioned above combined into one single mod for the Switch

To see what this mod changes, please refer to the following mod pages:
Zelda's Ballad v1.2 -
Girly Animation Talk B Pack A  v3 -
Dialogue and Cutscene-Audio Adjustments v1.6 -

This Mod should only be used on the Switch, so please keep that in mind.



Creating the Zelda's Ballad mod, Modding Guidance 


Creating the Zelda's Ballad mod

The Zelda's Ballad Team:

Creating the Zelda's Ballad mod


Creating the Girly Animation Pack mod, Modding Guidance 


Creating the Dialogue and Cutscene-Audio Adjustments mod

Please also check the respective mod pages for more credits.

Special Thanks To: 
Trollsquad057: Discord Owner, Beta Testing, Youtube Videos
Shadsterwolf: Tool Dev – BotW Unpacker 
KillzXGaming: Tool Dev - Switch Toolbox
Nintendo: Zelda Copyright Holders


1. In the root of your MicroSD card, there should be a folder named atmosphere.

2. Within that folder, there should be a folder named contents. Inside that, create a folder with the name BOTW's Title ID. For BotW on Switch, the Title ID is 01007EF00011E000. (In versions of Atmosphere prior to v0.10.0, the contents folder was instead called titles.)

3. Inside that, make a folder called romfs. The mod files will go in here.

This mod is confirmed to be working on:
Atmosphere 0.15/0.16
Switch Firmware 10/11

Only use this mod on BOTW 1.6.0

For more help please refer to this page:


Make sure you are not using any other mod before installing this mod.

Remember, if you are going to use any mods/models/textures for a video, please give proper credits for the original mod creator's hard work :)
I will release updates for this port when any of the original mods are updated. 
I hope you'll enjoy this port.

Disclaimer: Under no circumstances is the Royal Blue Dress from Zelda's Ballad to be reuploaded with alterations or otherwise. 

For any questions you can join The Zelda's Ballad discord server:

Have fun! :)
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