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Zelda's Ballad & More (With a Standalone version) - A Mod for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Switch).

The Switch Port of Zelda's Ballad!

Foreword by MenInBlack:

It's finally here!
The long-awaited Switch Port of Zelda's Ballad!

The Standalone version is based completely on the Wii U version.
Recommended BCML priority:

The "All in one" zip includes: 
Zelda's Ballad v1.2
Girly Animation Pack v6.3:
Dialogue and Cutscene-Audio Adjustments v2.0.2:

1. Introduction
2. Credits
3. How to install
4. Notes


This mod is a Port of the mods mentioned above combined into one single mod for the Switch

To see what this mod changes, please refer to the following mod pages:
Zelda's Ballad v1.2 -
Girly Animation Pack v6.3 -
Dialogue and Cutscene-Audio Adjustments v2.0 -

This Mod should only be used on the Switch, so please keep that in mind.



Creating the Zelda's Ballad mod, Modding Guidance 


Creating the Zelda's Ballad mod

The Zelda's Ballad Team:

Creating the Zelda's Ballad mod


Creating the Girly Animation Pack mod, Modding Guidance 


Creating the Dialogue and Cutscene-Audio Adjustments mod

Please also check the respective mod pages for more credits.

Special Thanks To: 
Trollsquad057: Discord Owner, Beta Testing, Youtube Videos
Shadsterwolf: Tool Dev – BotW Unpacker 
KillzXGaming: Tool Dev - Switch Toolbox
Nintendo: Zelda Copyright Holders



All in one Zip:

1. In the root of your MicroSD card, there should be a folder named atmosphere.

2. Within that folder, there should be a folder named contents. Inside that, paste the contents of the zip. 

3. Profit

This mod is confirmed to be working on:
Atmosphere 0.15+
Switch Firmware 11+

Only use this mod on BOTW 1.6.0 with ALL DLC installed

For more help, please refer to this page:


Make sure you are not using any other mod before installing this mod.

The Standalone BNP does not include any other mods, it only has Zelda's Ballad v1.2
Please use these mods in addition to this for a full experience

Remember, if you are going to use any mods/models/textures for a video, please give proper credits for the original mod creator's hard work :)
I will release updates for this port when Zelda's Ballad is updated.

Disclaimer: Under no circumstances is the Royal Blue Dress from Zelda's Ballad to be reuploaded with alterations or otherwise. 

For any questions you can join The Zelda's Ballad discord server:

Have fun! :)
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    Is there somewhere I can get some replacements for the EX items? So weird to have Link's head or body just pop up on Zelda 
    Statistical Enigma
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  • Uh idk how to get this on my switch and I really want it because zelda looks very cool to me and people say I have to get it through astomher and I cant  do that because idk how so can you help me please.
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  • 4_4ck3r avatar
    4_4ck3r Joined 4mo ago
    All armors is invisible and some armors freeze my game and i have to restart it :/ Help ?
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  • 4mo 4mo
    The girly animation has been upgraded to ver.7.3 , who can tech me how to upgrade it on switch , there is a file called .bnp

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  • W4ke avatar
    W4ke Joined 6mo ago
    Trying to run this on switch FW 13.2 and atmosphere 1.2.5 and keep getting the software has to be closed error when starting the game. It runs fine before I install the mods. Tried multiple clean installs and no luck. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks. 
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    Does the Standalone .BNP suppose to have options? I am trying to use it with Girly Animation Pack and assume I should select the "Link Animations" option but there are no options during installation using BCML.
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    i had a crash with the sand seal race shrine. talked to the npc to begin the race and the game froze. (location Gerudo Desert)
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  • Thank you very much for creating such a nice mod, I really appreciate it.
    Zelda's Ballad - Amiibo Outfits (Switch)"
    Zelda's Ballad - Helm Pack (Switch)"
    Can you please incorporate them into "install_zeldasballadswitch-all_in_one.7z"?
    I've followed this procedure, but the game crashes.

    How to Install:
    1. extract the .rar file
    2. overwrite the mod folder with the extracted files.

    Short Hair Zelda (Hylian Set) Zelda's Ballad" is working fine.
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    Changing dye crashes game. pls help
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    using the all in one zip on my hacked switch and when i give the great fairy rupees to open her fountain it crashes
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