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Rouge XL 2.0 - A Mod for Sonic Adventure 2


Version 2.0 - Kept you waiting, huh? 2y
  • Overhaul The original skin's mesh has been improved and tweaked alot.
  • Addition The Boot upgrades properly attach to the adjusted boot-size.
  • Addition The other two promised sizes are created and "functioning" as expected.
  • Feature Cleavage area and breast curvature added.
  • Feature Using black magic wizardy it was also made to jiggle properly.
  • Overhaul Head had hair lowered and angled, back of head flattened.
  • Overhaul Eyelids more inline with modern design. Lower eyelid a bit smoother, eyelashes rounded with extra polygons.
  • Tweak Eye-meshes squashed down very slightly.
  • Adjustment The back of the outfit has been lowered reveal Rouge's back.
  • Addition Some spine and scapula curvature was modelled and scapulas were uv-mapped as details.
  • Improvement Other main body changes speak for themselves. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Overhaul Oversized gloves and boots slimmed down (boot upgrades + boot heart decals tweaked to attach properly. Heart decals on boots have better uv-mapping)
  • Tweak Character animation bones were adjusted to fix walk cycle after boot height was lowered.
  • Adjustment Smoothed out fingers.
  • Addition Pink parts of gloves and boots scrunched up to resemble illustrations and modern design.
  • Adjustment Wings had the "bat arm" parts rounded.
  • Tweak Ears had the white outside and inside tweaked to add another white rim, making it like the modern design.
With 2.0 of Rouge XL... That's it for me.
In all likely hood this is the final version I'll ever release, so I made it a darned good one.
A lot if love has been poured into this model, and sp I hope y'all will enjoy it. ;-]
Version 1,1 2y BugFix Tweak Adjustment

It was inevitable.

Rouge's first model swap™

Rouge' chest, hips and rear are larger.

Compatible with the jiggle mod, as well as all Rouge custom skins.

Feel free to use and modify this model if you're so enclined. No need to credit me or whatever.

The Rouge Skin used in the screenshots is from the Modern SA2 mod (v3.0)

Also, this skin (v.1.1) was feautured in a video with over 110,000 views. That's kinda surreal.

XL is on the left, XXXL is on the right.
The Rouge Jiggle Mod is set at intensity 12 in these gifs.

Fixed in v1.1
Known issues:
  • The 'Material_1' texture/material on her tail looks wierd. All my attempts to mess with 'SA Material properties' sliders (in the BlenderSA2Support add-on forBlender), have not solved this.

  I might add some XXL and XXXL models as options in this project.  
But that's if I solve the 'Material_1' problem first, as not to repeat to much work for every version.
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