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Echoes Low Definition: Further Improvements Pack - A Mod for Half-Life: Echoes


Update 7.1 17d
  • Overhaul Most of the models that are HEV-based were updated including the HEV Barney, Dr. Cross and Dr. Green, Dr. Freeman, and the HEV suit as well as adding a vanilla-style HEV Barney.
  • Addition Gordon Freeman Scientist was added to my LD fixes since I combined the Scientist body with textures that arent rescaled with the rescaled Gordon head.
I had to update my Gina Cross fix pack alongside this.
Update 7 23d Overhaul Addition2 Removal Update 6 27d Addition4 Improvement Adjustment Update 5.7 29d Addition Update 5.6 1mo Adjustment3

A handful of Fixes that I made for the LD Pack of Echoes

This is probably the submission that took about a week and something that I want to make and publish and I had to make several updates to this submission since then. This is my fixes for the Low Definition Pack for Half-Life Echoes. After playing through the mod again but with the Low-Def Pack to slightly improve performance on my computer, I noticed that there are errors and stuff that I already want to put into the mod. And these additional fixes and some default replacements for the LD Pack of Echoes are what I wanted this fix pack to be. 

I also included the fixes that I made, renamed, decided to add, or recompile for this mod. The other fixes made by other users that are compatible with this mod aren't included. I made the recommendations and other info that I put on the text files in the download. It will list the fixes that I recommend using (It doesn't mean you have to choose all of them). 

I got to admit, It's not perfect since there are still some errors in this fix pack. If you found one, please comment below and send me an image or tell me what you want me to put in this pack that needs to be in Low-Definition.

For the HD fixes to the mod with Default HD Models, check out Echoes: Patched Observation Pack.

You can check out my other HL1 submissions:
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I am aware of some models that needed to use LD meshes. Let me know what I have to do. Low Priority
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