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Vanilla weapons repositioned - A Mod for S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl.

Vanilla weapon reposition Half-life style


When I worked with Dezowave team on Lost Alpha, I got chance to implement corrections for weapons that I always wanted to see in stalker. It all started by need to reposition one weapon. Dez provided dev tool, in form of console commands that were enabled in LA, unlike in shoc, making editing gun positions way easier task, than trial and error it would be normally. (Thank you Dezodor! =D)

Lost alpha since implemented more advanced weapon system from CoP, which rendered dosens of hours of my work unused, which is a shame. Recently I started to play Shoc again, with ZRP (which I highly recommend) and I tested if those weapon reposition files worked and they did(needed severe debug tho)! And so I decided to share them. Since I haven't seen any other reposition for vanilla weapons.


-all weapons have now more or less same position, unlike the vanilla.

-weapons now don't block half of the screen anymore, so situational awareness improves drastically.

-all weapons now make it easier to aim from hip, as they aim at the crosshair aprox. 15-20m in front.

-all weapons undergone polish aimed at balacing their properties, based on LA settings and getting rid of nonsencical atributes, such as one rifle dealing nearly 3x the damage while shooting same old 5,56mm ammo then other rifle etc. They also deal more damage and allow more attachements, like in older builds/LA.

-all weapons have now unified scope_zoom_factor 55 (ironsights)

-the new weapon position reflects how player really holds the weapon when you switch to third person view (F2,F3)

-adjusted positions of weapons corrected the clipping of various parts of models thru camera, when about to aim (for example AK74with scope on.)

-I corrected positions of shells so they are actually flying out of shell ejector now.

-fire point (muzzleflash) moved in front of the barrel, where it should be.

-shotgun range is now unified to 100 for all shotguns instead of 50

-unnatural possitions of most hands is now hidden beyond the edge of screen altho some new ones appeared - tested on 16:9 ONLY.

-I fixed m203 dissapearing sight on sig550 by replacing grenade launcher aim animation by idle, which makes it now work as rest of m203s in the game.

-pistols (and the actor's arms) are now centred to the body when running.

-repossitioned m203 grenadelauncher sight positions, so now player actually down grenade launcher "sights" (more or less=)) Just like the warshava pact GL has it

-groza grenade sight possition works even with scope on (use the very top of the grenade sight - not realistic, but it works)

-Unified bolt grow force factor to be same as grenades I dont see any reason why bolt would need to 3x more time to throw in full force, than grenade.

-added toz34 back to unique items (Credit to ZRP team), so now the Hunter's rifle quest will spawn the good old forgotten weapon, unique to the entire game as it should have been -  in shoc vanilla toz was cut.

-mp5 is has now it's RL 3 fire modes > single, 3 round burst and full auto. I removed 2 round burst because why the hell is it there in the first place?

-Spas-12 has higher rpm -> for better ballancing. It is best shotgun in the game, in vanilla it is basically another winchester and I think that's a shame for semi-auto shorgun. (Fun's over bloodsuckers!)

-I have included earlier (1935) build's Spas-12 model, because the vanilla shoc, has broken smoothing groups on actor s hands and the weapon - resulting in sharp edges of unsmoothed polygons (old old bug). This model fixes that.

-I've removed the fake reflections on all the scopes, be it addon or binoculars. All lenzes are now black with specularity. (does not work on static lighting *DUH)

-I have fixed some badly used sounds and added few more (from lost alpha, since I mixed some of those anyways, like the winchester's shot+pump etc. SOMEBODY kind commented them tho, that I don't know how to do - ty Dezowave!)

-draw and reload sounds now mostly fit the animation and I also tweaked other details like desert eagle now uses unused shoot sound that packs more punch, RG6 grenade launcher uses grenade launcher sounds, that are avalible in vanilla stalker and mp5 has way sexier silenced sound - again un-used vanilla, which is way closer to how mp5SD6 sounds irl.


-new possition of Groza reveals grenade model flying around during almost every animation,  (GSC glitch - I dont know how to edit the models =C if anyone can fix it without fucking up the orientation and positions contact me)

this doesn't occur when magazine is empty, strangely enough... GSC hid most of the glitches behind the right side of the guns, which is why player holds some guns with stock up to their ear, stupidly enough.

-AK74u player's arm sometimes pokes out from behind of the ege of the screen. could be fixed by lowering the weapon fov (hud_fov 0.xx / vanilla is 0.45)

-wincherster and spas has shell model flying around, again nothing I can do about it (GSC thing - always did that.)


obviously this is meant for vanilla. Any other mod, that changes animations or replaces models will not work, only retextures will work with this.

It was developed in lost alpha build from around year 2014 by me. Further polished and tested with vanilla shoc and ZRP, No longer compatible with LA.

It is not compatible with CoP or Cs as both of those use different, more advanced system, so everything is different there.

Next step!:

In the future I would like to attempt to mirror the models and fix the other side bugs. No additional weapons, or anything else, just vanilla guns mirrored. Same textures, same sounds etc. As addition to this pack.

If anyone has the will and the know how, PM me

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    oh how I can wait to see the properly mirrored models 0_0 Also will you be by any chance fixing any minor bugs like the desert eagle being chambered in .45 ACP instead of .50 AE ammo?

    nice little script fixes would be a great addition to top off a mirrored weapon pack that is lore friendly :D
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