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CS 1.6 Weapons | CS:GO Animations - A Mod for Counter-Strike 1.6


Smol fixes patch (11.5.2020) 1y
  • Addition Added missing CT XM1014 model
  • BugFix Fixed sound events for the M4A1's silencer so it plays properly
  • Tweak a tiny fix for the Famas' draw animation by vipi

Same classic weapons, but Globally Offensive!

I've been working on this for almost a whole year, a lot happened and I had to push the release date further multiple times. But now it's finally done!

The weapons are of course a bit altered to fit the animations, heavily utilizing Kalasnikov88's remodels and some hacks I did on my own (As well as Revtiva's nice M4A1 and Tenryuu's great Galil remodel). But the overall aesthetics are pretty much the same as the original, classic ones.


  • All CS 1.6 weapons rigged on CS:GO animations with 1.6 hands in the best way possible.
  • CS 1.6 handrig by ViperL33T
  • Both CT Sleeved and Un-Sleeved versions
  • Fully Upscaled textures for all weapons.
  • Edited animations to better fit the weapons.
Tip: Set the "gl_max_size" convar to "512" and "gl round_down" to "0" to enjoy full texture resolution. You can type in "gl_max_size 512" and "gl_round_down 0" directly into the game console before starting a match or add the command into your "autoexec.cfg" file located inside your cstrike folder.

In the end I wanna thank all those who supported and believed in this pack ever since I shared the WiP almost a year ago. Your support and generosity were aspiring me to keep pushing development forward and never give up on it. I also wanna thank NoobKing07 who was the main reason this pack actually existed (I'm sorry that it took so long tho). And for the most part I'm proud with how this came out.. 

Now I just wanna fade into the shadows for a long time becuz this pacc has given me cancer x)

As always, stay safe. And I hope you enjoy :D

Featured maps:
Knife/Pistols/SMG/Shotgun screenshots: css_dust20 by Tatu Eugen
Rifles/M249/Grenades/C4 screenshots: GO: Dust II by m3owth_47


Update with new rig + maybe fix gaelil reload
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