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Trench Gun Shotgun V1 - A Mod for Counter-Strike 1.6


model re-port 1y
  • BugFix i port the model again
previously model was AWFULL

Trench Gun shotgun

This is my first skin, it have a lot of bugs, but i am proud of my first port :D

Have custom sounds alfter all

Sorry for bad video quality

This contain a non - sleeved version too
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    I don't know about cm pro's feedback because I don't know shit when it comes to porting and mapping but I really like the skin you made :^)
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    You've done a good work as your first ever port, but let's say. There's still a long way you have to go through as this port has so many flaws:

    1. I've seen you may have gone for auto mesh splitting script. I'll give you an advice in 5 words: Don't EVER do it again

    The mesh was fucked up so hard that parts of it aren't welded together any more and others are straight up broken. I'd always go for manual splitting, which is a very easy process in MS3D. Just select a part of the model and invert the selection (ctrl + i) delete the rest, make sure it's 2048 vertices or less (u can check through tools -> Show model statistics) and export it, then undo the deletion, hit ctrl+i again and delete the exported part and repeat the process all over again.

    2. As you can see from some parts of the gun there are some misalignments with the texture as the UV map is slightly shifted. And it's quite expected since you're using MS3D's built in model compiler which is quite outdated by now. I'd go for Sven Co-op SDK's studiomdl compiler to make sure no shifts happen during the compilation process.

    3. The sound events are broken all over the place. You have to make sure the sound plays in the right moment. To do so, you have to carefully inspect the animations (preferably frame-by-frame) and choose the right moment for the sound to play and edit the sound event in the qc file accordingly. For example the insert shell sound is currently played at the 12th frame which is way too late, while it should've played at the 3rd frame which perfectly syncs it with the animation. Alternatively, and since it's a direct port, you can check the original Source compile's .qc file and set the events in the ported ones exactly the same. 

    4. The sound choice for the pump isn't that good as it plays the pullback sound without having a forward movement sound which makes it a bit awkward, maybe you should add one for the bump forward and set a new sound event for it..

    5. The "unsleeved" version has the attachments quite misplaced so check that out and sync it with the sleeved version.

    6. You could've easily gone with a small optimization by cutting off a bit of the sleeves in the "unsleeved" version as they don't show up in their whole. Saving up on some poly count which is significantly high..

    7. I remember you said that the barrel was missing so you went with a cylinder generated in MS3D, which is a good idea not gonna lie.. But I'd use the texture of the gun itself instead of a completely different one. The gun has a texture part for the missing barrel that you can use:

    8. Now I'll go through the most obvious one, the texture itself. I know it's your first ever try, but if you wanna make really good looking compiles you'll have to learn how to do UV chopping in MS3D (which is much easier than you'd expect) as well as texture bumping. I'll explain those to you privately later as this comment is already too damn long xd

    Overall, it's a good work for your first. I was expecting wrong rig assignments, dead frames, and smoothing errors. But you avoided all of these which is quite surprising for your first try! You just need to learn and experiment more, and we'll be here to guide you along the way.. Good luck! :)
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    wher shadowz on textures? :D
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