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M4A4 | Poseidon - A Mod for Counter-Strike 1.6

M4A4  | Poseidon

Hello Guys making m4a4 skins .. next skin its Evil Daimyo .. :)


Thanks .. Vote me at hallowen content guys !! :)
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    Looks kinda bad :/
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    I appreciate the fact you bothered to make a p and w model, that's certainly not something a lot of skinners tend to do, save for the diligent ones.

    However, while the texture itself is pretty nice and good-looking, the way you applied it over the model doesn't make it any different from your regular guy's first skin. The usual problem with these is that the texture is just slapped on the model. As a result, the model loses all sense of detail from the original texture, and just like with those first skins, yours made the weapon stop looking like a weapon, essentially. The main issue I have with this is that your texture looks too plain. I'm not sure if I should explain this, but guns are supposed to look like they're made of metal - or something that resembles metal, for that matter. This...just looks like a toy gun. The plainness of the texture is highly noticeable on the iron sight.

    Also, CS 1.6 has naturally really blocky models, so in my personal opinion you're better off sticking to a simpler, more straightforward design. I'm saying this both because the picture you decided to use on the texture has too many things to put onto the gun (Poseidon by himself was enough - the snakes don't have that much space left for them), and because the silencer and the stock of the gun are...kinda off-putting, to be honest.

    I think you could just leave those alone. Perhaps I'm just not looking at the skin the way I'm supposed to look at it, but the texture on the stock looks really misaligned. I think you could've gone for a simpler model, like the Scout or the AWP, they have plain surfaces on the sides after all. The M4 has that "bump" on its sides that make Poseidon stretch himself all over.

    Outside that, I still think that what you did looks pretty badass - I mean, the picture looks badass, that's obvious no matter what I said earlier. Sorry for the long post, my final rating is a 6! It's not a bad rating, actually. Good luck on every next skin you do, man!
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    Cool skin dude ;) 
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