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CRTbot - A Mod for Sven Co-op


Version 1.1.1 17d
  • Addition Added a green, glowing eye
  • Adjustment Changed the Pelvis, Torso and Shoulders to look "Better"
  • Improvement The head it's no longer part of the body and should look less deformed
  • Addition He now has a neck.
  • Tweak The little cubes that connect limbs together now have a chrome effect.
Sorry, no hands yet.

I will do a Legacy Version with the old model available for download later in a future, for now you can download the old version in the moddb mirror.
Version 1.0.1 1mo Addition

A bot with a CRT monitor on his head!

This is my first playermodel, it's a bot with a CRT monitor on his head, that's it.

The model was made with Blender.

If you wanna contact me this is my discord tag: MilkForever#0962


Add viewmodels... Although i know nothing about making one. Low Priority
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    I'd rather suggest you to upgrade the textures a bit more; they appear to be really flat and simple. 

    If you're having trouble drawing the textures for yourself, you can search through the .wad files and find suitable textures to use. These textures, while designed for the maps, work on the models as well. In order to make it less bland, you can also add in some textures to the monitor's screen; it'll make more sense, since the bot is active and working!

    In terms of the model, it's okay for a beginner, but it wouldn't be hard to squeeze in a few more details here and there. It appears really blocky, and it has cubes instead of hands. 

    Also, even though Hons.Elle taught you, you're to include your own name into the credits as well, given it was actually you who created the model in the first place.
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  • It's me or i am seeing there is no download button on this skin?
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    add screenshots inside game for your skin before they trash it 
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