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Kimber Pack V1.3 - A Mod for Counter-Strike: Source.

Kimber Pack v1.3 (WiP) Tossed together by ReverendTed Replaces all pistols and the knife with Kimber v1.3 - Remapped P228 slide, Animation tweaks to hammers, bullets, and slide releases for Glock, Elites, Five-Seven and P228 v1.2 - Changed directory structure to comply with Kimber Pack Skinset standard v1.1 - First public release Note on textures: -Every gun has its own rtkimber.vmt, so each one can have a different skin if you wish. Simply edit the respective rtkimber.vmt to point to your Kimber/CQB skin of choice. -Currently, all vmts point to revkimber_ref.vtf and revkimber.vtf in cstrike/materials/models/weapons/v_models/kimberskins/ You can replace these two vtfs with your Kimber\CQB skin of choice to see it immediately on all of the Kimbers. The w_models are distinct for each Kimber for easy identification: Deagle -:- No attachments USP -:- Silencer Five-Seven -:- Taclight Elites -:- Doubled Glock -:- Extended mag P228 -:- Compact Note on what's been done: -Lots of stuff. The animations have been hacked all to heck. I'm very picky. -All of the models have been recompiled with Monkeh's tweaked Deagle as a base, so the hammer's cocked and the guide rod is properly-sized on all the Kimbers Note on what's still busted: -w_models have lighting issues (also, mirrored incorrectly) -The Elites and Five-Seven have an annoying angle on their slide releases. Still haven't decided if I want to bother fixing them or just tack them to the frame like the others. -Kimber knife is hopefully a temporary stopgap release in lieu of Dr. midnight's definitive Klub -If you don't like spindraws then you're going to put on your grumpy pants for this --------------------------- Original Model Credits (See original Readmes in Archive) --------------------------- Elite Kimbers: Model: Bullet_Head Skin: Darkstorn, SureShot Compile: SureShot Animations: Jennifer!! Sounds: Vunsunta / RE4 (Duds) USP Kimber: Model: Bullet_Head Skin: Darkstorn Silencer model: Ankalar Silencer skin: Wannabe Animations: StrykerWolf Compile: Bullet_Head Sounds: Vunsunta LAM Skin: -X- LAM Hack: !NC!Furious Re-compile: !NC!Furious Glock Kimber: Model: Bullet_Head Skin: Darkstorn Animations: Havoc Compile: !NC!Furious, SureShot Sounds: Vunsunta P228 Kimber: Model: BUllet_Head Skin: Darkstorn Animations: Jennifer!! (Ported to CSS by Soul Slayer) Sounds: SniperWolf (Jenn's Reload) Compile(s): SureShot, ReverendTed Five-Seven Kimber: Model: Bullet_Head Skin: Darkstorn Animations: Jennifer!! Compile: Bullet_Head Sounds: Vunsunta LAM Hack: !NC!Furious Re-compile: !NC!Furious compile to Fiveseven: T-R-O-N Knife Kimber: Model: Bullet_Head Skin: Darkstorn Animations: Valve, edits by ReverendTed Compile: Dr. Midnight, ReverendTed Sounds: Valve, Vunsunta Minor skin modifications by ReverendTed Deagle Kimber: Model: Bullet_Head Skin: Darkstorn Animations: Jennifer!! Compile: Bullet_Head Sounds: Vunsunta Minor skin modifications by ReverendTed Minor animation modifications by Monkeh -------------------- Installation: Extract contents to /cstrike/ folder using archive folder names. -------------------- Terms and Conditions apply to these files and their usage/redistribution. For full details see -------------------- This model and skin are NOT to be converted to The Specialists mod. If this model is converted to The Specialists mod the person hosting it must remove it IMMIDIATELY. -------------------- This package and it's contents are NOT to be distributed on HL2World, in their original form or modified in any way. --------------------
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