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Efficent Non-Linear Multi-Stage Map Completion - A Mod for Counter-Strike: Source.

An efficent system that allows players to complete a multi-stage map in any order. After seeing how over-complicated this tends to be, I made my own.

- You can have as many checkpoints as you desire.
- The amount of players is irrelevant.
- Will not glitch.


The left side in the .vmf contains the prefab, while the right is an example of how it can be used.

Select the triggers called "resettrigger", "checkingtrigger" and the amount of 'checkpoints' you intend to use (all along with the filters next to them). Make sure you include the math_counter (called counter) and copy these into your map.

 2. Place the "reset_triggers" where the timer starts or where players spawn.

Place the "checking_trigger" where you want to check for how many checkpoints the player has reached.

4. Place the smaller (checkpoints) triggers you want the player to reach before advancing.

5. Specify the amount of checkpoints you require the player to reach under "Maximum Legal Value" in the math_counter.

Make an "OnHitMax" output for what you want to happen when the player reaches this amount of visited checkpoints. If you want them to pass a teleport, push or any other trigger, set their targetname to "ng0pass" and put "antiglitchfilter0_passed" as that triggers filter.

I pre-made 20 checkpoints. If you need any more, copy, paste and rename accordingly.

Here is a video demonstrating how this is used:

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    Remade the system to be more reliable. Please re-download and re-implement if you used this prior to the update. Thanks to george for reviewing and giving feedback.
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    This opens up so many new gameplay possibilities for bhop, climb and surf. Incredible job.
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    modest mouse
    Your triggers are always very helpful. ty tony
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    Not a major improvement in efficiency over my system but much easier to use :). On the other hand with my system I'm going to do some "interesting" things with it
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    Pr0 mepper.
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