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Ares Shrike - A Mod for Counter-Strike: Source.

Model: Ettubrutesbro UVW: Ettubrutesbro Skin: Ettubrutesbro Animations: Spanks Sounds: Valve/Vunsunta Compile: james- Wees: vagrant
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    The model is more or less, the skin is bad (don't have even reflections), and the animations are so robotic.
    A Cool Man
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    ah this skin takes me back to one of my first garrysmod weapon mods... good times.
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    Oversensitive sociopath
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    **Notes:** - Nice skin dude
    The dragon have lived!!! run!!
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  • Anonymous
    how we doawnload a file ?
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    fanerddu username pic Joined 14y ago
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    This release gives me nightmares. in a good way. it's great. although im not a huge fan of the texture style, (kinda too gritty for my tastes,) i've been usin it for a while now and i really like it. the sounds are awesome, the anims work well and it gives a good "look at me im blasting your face off with this big ass gun" feel. good release.
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    previously sargeantwelsh
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  • I don't like those anims. If somebody would make a boltpull version, I'll use this forever
    Bloody yanks!
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    D3FYANCE Joined 13y ago
    How come the sounds for the gun will not work? :(
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    I used this for a while with other defaults. The animations are great, and most of the model is good. On the other hand. the texture has this light saturation effect that looks terrible compared to most skins and the smoothing on the back end of the gun is lacking. The telescoping stock parts that are right in your face appear to be unsmoothed 12-sided cylinders. Absolute wtf in contrast the excellent smoothing of the front end of the gun. Resmoothed and textured in a more matte fashion, this would be incredible.
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    Posted by Blogge
    Posted by Pixel Hero
    Posted by 1911 Very nice model. You could make this into a kick ass m4a1 man.
    This gun wouldn't fit as for the M4A1.
    I think that it would be a good M4
    The Ares Shrike is actually just an upper reciever for the M4 designed to accept an ammo belt for an LMG configuration. It also takes normal mags from the bottom reciever mag well. It's pretty ingenious.
    You cant spel slaughter withou
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    Nice, nice, gets you in the massacre mood :)
    Can i haz your cookie plz? O,o
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