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Schmung's BRII Famas 2 Anims pack - A Mod for Counter-Strike: Source.

A futuristic famas with 2 anims.

Schmung's BRII Famas 2 Anims pack

Well, I haven't been releasing shit for a long time and now I did release something for you guys.

And there were no changes to the sounds, got them from the original releases, since I'm a lazy tard to find some new set of sounds.

Nothing much to say here, just enjoy the release :D

Video Preview

By me By Blur.


Added Vile's Textures from original release. [DOWNLOAD HERE]( "")


The update requires the files from the previous files(Download links are still available).

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  • cslovers avatar
    cslovers Joined 9y ago
    for CS:GO please!! ^_^
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  • **Pros:** - Sexy anims - Sexy everything else **Cons:** - It's not in CS:GO yet
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  • Blur. avatar
    Blur. username pic Joined 11y ago
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    Thanks bro :D
    Her voice could calm oceans.
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    **Pros:** - looks promising! **Cons:** - don't see any... **Notes:** - got a link for that map? - ...and for the flash (I'm using the feathery flash right now; kinda tired of it) - This shall be my new FAMAS.
    The Dude avatar
    The Dude
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  • HankerChief avatar
    HankerChief Joined 11y ago
    121 points Ranked 102,317th
    uve got a 10 from me.........awesome famas keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!
    Former known as DOODLE_WORKS
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  • This is by far my favorite FAMAS skin and animation set iv seen so far, keep up the good work 10/10
    the crownless king avatar
    the crownless king
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  • Rod_Lemos avatar
    Rod_Lemos Joined 11y ago
    Like the IIopn's Animations original draw but with the original texture, good sound, excellent compilation.
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  • ZongO avatar
    ZongO Joined 11y ago
    240 points Ranked 76,448th
    Hmmmmm. Since both these anims where recompiled to the br2 famas, would it possible to compile these anims for the famas F1 model? Just a thought.
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  • Soap # Bitx avatar
    Soap # Bitx Joined 13y ago
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    ImbrokenRU the best animator ? 10/10
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  • Dethsemane avatar
    Dethsemane Joined 11y ago
    Well, I will concede the point about not emptying mags all the way--but I still think its a flaw that shouldn't so easily be looked over. Yes, its a game but still based in reality--its not exactly ray-guns and what ever other 1950's sci-fi cliché you can think of--so pardon me for wanting some reality. And no, I'm not going to do it myself. Because however long I'd work at it, my stuff would suck and be nowhere as awesome as these types of releases are. I just want to point out what would make these releases unendingly awesome. Sorry ...
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