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Herbs AK74 Tactical Series (Green) V. 1/2 Updated - A Mod for Counter-Strike: Source.

Herbs AK74 Tactical Series (Green) V. 1/2
Model: Twinke Masta Skin: The Expert Animations: Hav0c Magazine & Stock Model: Darkstorn Magazine & Skin: Twinke Masta Flashlight Model / Skin: HeadShot / Millenia Aimpoint Model/Skin: Twinke Masta | Skin Edits: the necropimp Rails Model: TheLama Rails Skin: !NC!Furious Vert Grip Model : Stoke Vert Grip Skin : SureShot Flashhider Model: TheLama Flashhider Skin: Polygon World Model: Shiban Skin(s) Recolor: -SmokeyJoe- Sounds: Vunsunta, HK Compile/Hacks: -V-HerbieMasteR-V- ======================= Terms and Conditions apply to these files and their usage/redistribution. For full details see ======================= Download Link for SG552:
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    X-SiLenT-X Joined 11y ago
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    **Notes:** - i love these,but i don't like when you placing the scope,toooo baaadd
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    Posted by Captain_Baddikmir Beautiful render but it doesn't look super fantastic in game. needs a world view, and then it's definitly awesome. Way cool idea here.
    That's not a render, it's a picture of what the gun looks like in real life.
    You've Been Ninja'd.
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  • blackphantom avatar
    blackphantom Joined 16y ago
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    You did a great job with the skin. However, for me there is too much going on. The AK is souped up that's for sure! :D haha. I'm sure many people will love this skin; it's just that for me a scope, etc on an AK is too much. Good job with the skinning though!
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    I'm not "racially" black :)
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  • chinamanch avatar
    chinamanch Joined 16y ago
    I love it ... it gives the AK a more updated look. Request please convert to CZ please !!! thanks
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    I would like this a lot more if there were black parts instead of green. Why green?
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    The Sound Creator
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  • Captain_Baddikmir avatar
    Captain_Baddikmir Joined 16y ago
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    Beautiful render but it doesn't look super fantastic in game. needs a world view, and then it's definitly awesome. Way cool idea here.
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    Is that picture made with a camera or is it made with a modeling program?
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  • I think the LAM on the real picture of the gun was there for a reason, because then it wouldnt get in the way of the persons field of view, perhaps? So I think you should copy that and put the LAM on the other side. nF
    fuck fpsb
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  • TheEnzoHasYou avatar
    TheEnzoHasYou Joined 16y ago
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    Very nice model, except for the lens caps, I'd dl if it didnt have those. 8/10
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    Shiban Damage Inc. Flag
    Damage Inc.
    For starters, it's an Aimpoint not a scope. You just need it to point it.
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    Content creator from CSBanana
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