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The Broadcaster's Beater - A Mod for Team Fortress 2

The last item in my Faster Broadcaster set.

12/7/2012: fixed the download, hopefully the material works now lol. Giving new meaning to the term "mic spam" Replaces Atomizer, because I love the atomizer. I was gonna add new sounds but that proved too problematic. srry =\ If you like this, then please vote it up on the workshop: [Workshop page]( "Workshop page")
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  • do NOT get this. it made my tf2 unable to run
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  • Oh boy, a new great Scout melee skin-***sees it only replaces Atomizer, breaths through teeth and clenches fists.*** Damn task me for the last time. I WILL END YOUUUUU! Otherwise, great.
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  • **Pros:** - Wonderful viewmodel - Wonderful textures **Cons:** - none lol **Improvements:** - add microphone ringing noises when you hit somebody - It would be cool to add a mumble icon or like team colored
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  • AzimuthVII avatar
    AzimuthVII Joined 10y ago
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    I may be missing something but somehow this doesnt fit in with the other weapons
    Silly Dingleberry
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    Delta_Ace Joined 10y ago
    im not realy a big fan of the atomizer cuz it makes you lose healf but i do like mircophones so 8/10
    tf2 skin fan
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    TheMoondog107 Joined 10y ago
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    Textures don't work dude... I installed correctly and everything... 5/10
    The One And Only!
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  • labouka avatar
    labouka Joined 10y ago
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    Umm, excuse me if this sounds stupid, but for some reason all I see is the black/pink square texture while the rest of the weapon retains the shape of the Broad Beater. Am I doing something wrong? I installed the skin as per the usual way. What seems to be the problem here?
    Friendly Skinner
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    > **Posted by Squeezit** > I put your video on the workshop page. Can you do me a favor and put a link to the workshop page in the description?
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    Jinxy Boy Joined 9y ago
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    cool! i like it! good work!
    Rock N Roll is my weapon
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