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Team Fortress 64 - A Mod for Team Fortress 2.

I won't be surprised if this gets flagged to oblivion.

A pack that aimed to bring back the classic graphics the Nintendo 64 had, and bring it into Team Fortress 2!
I came across a YouTube video of a TF2Ber showcasing the mod. 
That video, to be exact. I clicked on every link there, and OH YE GODS! Every link lead to a 404 error page! So, I scowered the internet for a working link, and found someones other release of the modpack ( the submission is right here!) So I decided to use his download, ran TF2 with the file in my custom folder, and... it did nothing. So I realized that was an epic fail. I found a download in the comments section, that had the actual files, sitting there, on Dropbox. So I downloaded them, waited... a long time... for them to move into my custom folder. From there, it was as easy as seeing that it worked in TF2. Today, I thought "Hey, I dont think people should need to do this much work just for a simple Nintendo 64-related skin." So, thats how it all happened. Some models appear to be broken (every engie building but the dispenser dont appear at all), and not everything fits with the style because it wasnt remade yet, along with some animations being wonky (if you like seeing only 25% of the screen, this mod + pyro is your guide), but hey. Atleast Ive compiled the mod so you can enjoy it. Thank you for reading this wall of text. Also, the Sniper image doesnt exist, as I cant find the image to it, and the post I linked earliers dropbox link that supposedly lead to the Sniper image, just so happened to ALSO lead into a 404 error.

Also hot darn I thought this was gonna be withheld after 5 minutes but its been featured on the home page
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