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Golf Minigame ft. Miku - A Mod for Friday Night Funkin'


skill issue 5mo
  • Adjustment nerfed endless (speed 5 -> 2)
oops 5mo Adjustment Tweak Improvement Removal Addition

a golf minigame with 2 songs

This mod features 2 songs with a golf minigame
featuring the one and only Miku!

If Endless crashes, try extracting the zip. or run on normal. (they're all the same chart)

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    Red Yoshi 123 Joined 4mo ago
    too red...
    Red Studio Flag Affiliation: Red Studio
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    the redest guy of the bannana
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  • storymode after i finish golf and move to endless, it says "value exception". how do i fix this?
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  • what happens if you use downscroll? just curious lol.
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  • Hyper[100] avatar
    Hyper[100] Joined 3mo ago
    3mo 3mo
    dosent worl . i pressing A when swing and W when pose but it dosent work.Same as D/j   
    Kade 1.3.2 

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    RudyTheNinja Joined 6mo ago
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    3mo 3mo
    This was great
    And thanks to chat 
    We also found a way to play endless mode with Miku singing! :D
    I plae de gaems n do de tings avatar
    I plae de gaems n do de tings
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  • Aight, Allow me to be real here.

    This mod has a unique concept that is to be respected. It's idea of changing up the mechanics to pressing arrows on time with cues like in rhythm heaven is a brilliant idea, and I actually encourage creators to do things like this if they can. This mod had a really great idea, and it would be so much fun...

    ...If the offset of when you have to press it wasn't literal dog water. The timing of when you have to press the button is so early that it isn't even fun. Trying to play this mod by actually pressing the keys on time with the beat of the music will end up in you missing and only missing. It's so terribly timed that I almost immediately just closed the mod.

    Please, either edit the mod to make the point when you have to press the buttons well-timed or just put a disclaimer saying that it isn't well made.
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    Professional Idiot
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  • CakezWasHere avatar
    CakezWasHere Joined 6mo ago
    128 points Ranked 77,475th
    This mod was actually really cool. I like the way this mod changes the way FNF works.
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  • Womo mods avatar
    Womo mods Joined 7mo ago
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    i dowoland this mod just for playing it with down scroll
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  • OutOfStock avatar
    OutOfStock Joined 6mo ago
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    Strike a pose, And Swing, And Swing, And Swing, And Swing, And Swing, And Swing, And Swing, And Swing, And Swing, And Swing, And Swing.
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    No names in Stock
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  • ready and swing and swing and swing and swing and swing and strike a pose
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