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Shirtless Mario! - A Mod for Super Smash Bros. (Wii U)


Mustache and Shadows 4y
  • - FIxed his Mustache/eyebrows using the wrong texture. They're black now. Also adjusted the AO map for his legs
'Cause it had to be done...

Comes with UI, Metal model and should be able to go over any slot! 

Should work fine...but as always, I probably missed Soooomething. I'm oblivious. :v
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    nipple time

    I'm just surfing the internet
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    Is it okay if i use some of the model for a towel mario skin (when mario gets out of the shower in super star saga.) I will give you credit.
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    Smash Modder
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    The CSPs crashed my CSS :(
    I can't even open the DDS files, with other mods I can.

    PS: I did it with the smash 1.1.7 dump
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    I've tested it out in game again and the hair color is in fact fixed now as you've said. I've changed my rating to a 10/10 to reflect this. Thank you for taking the time the time to resolve that!
    Smash Enthusiast
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    4y 4y
    Good job you're on IGN.

    I can't post links so here's the url:
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    mast3r_sword Joined 5y ago
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    nice, I though of doing this immediately after the reveal.

    things I would check on in case you want to take feedback. 

    1. id make the trunks a bit shorter so knees dont get much of its deformations.

    2. nipples could have been just texture instead of modeled(not a big deal tho)

    3.add some shadows on his skin texture (redish burned color) specially around the neck chest area (refer to the screen capture from the direct)

    4. colors on mustache and brows should be black. Im not sure if you fixed that since the rendered picture doesnt have that. 

    5.trunks color should be about the same as the hat.

    other than that i think is a sweet mod.
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    Can you make a version w/ Cappy ?
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    Does this count as realistic mario?

    I think we owe you 5,000 points
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    Oh i'm rock hard for you mario.
    Mama mia <3
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    Check out 80's Dream!
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    For an italian he sure lacks chest hair
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