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Vs. Tord Mod LEGACY EDITION! - A Mod for Friday Night Funkin'


Version 2.0 (No longer Alpha) 4mo
  • Addition Remastered destroyed background has been added
  • Addition New SFX's when navigating Main Menu
  • Improvement New rechart for Tordbot (BPM is also cut in half), thank you FNF Central!
  • Addition New Mediafire link for download
TORDBOT UPDATE Version 1.5 4mo Addition2 Removal Version 1.4 4mo Addition Adjustment Version 1.3 4mo Adjustment Removal Addition2 Version 1.2 4mo Addition3 Adjustment2


This Skin reforms the original sprites from the Original Tord mod 
Original Tord Mod:

This is my first time posting a mod on this site, very anxious for what i'll get but excited at the same time, ya' know? 

**The .exe for the game may be falsely flagged by your anti-virus, make an exception for it and you should be good to play the game**

**PSA: I plan on revisting Tord LE in the near future with an updated kade engine and new songs and sprite animations, I will also add dialogue like I wanted to do while making this skin.

Since I learned a bit of code now, I always wanted to add stuff to the Tord mod to expand it more hehe.

I plan on making this into fruition in the next few weeks or so, but this mod will be named to Tord LE Revisited once it releases, just to thank everyone for everything and 200k downloads, that is fucking insane and I don't know how to repay it besides this, I will put my soul into making this a literal remake as I planned initially. Stay Funky - Jason The Art Kid**

DISCLAIMER: THIS SKIN IS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE IN THE OLD STYLE OF EDDSWORLD, this skin is to replicate and reform towards more of the Friday Night Funkin' style of Tord, as well as the additional mix of Eddsworld Legacy Eddisodes (Newer episodes), this is in no way to disrespect or to throw shade towards bbpanzu's art style choice and Edd Gould (main animator and creator of Eddsworld). I'm very open to add additional details from the community that they may want to add in addition to this skin to give more of the The End (Legacy) detail. If you dislike this art style and you prefer to play the old one, giving how it embarks deep nostalgia within it's art style, that is by all means very acceptable. When I drew Tord, I found it very fun to draw him more in the FNF style as a mini project, and never have I ever thought I'd get TONS of recognition like this for what I drew. and giving how I've been seeing a preference that people may have for these remasters, I'm never going to persuade you to play it if you don't ever want to. that's all I want to say really. 


Re-chart the songs 75%
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