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HK-53 - A Mod for Half-Life 2

A HK-53 Hack up

Includes 4 versions!!

  • Silenced
  • Non-Silenced
  • Laser
  • No Laser

I had the sudden urge to make the coolest hack, and for the source engine. My favorite gun is the HK-53, so I added some coolies.

It took me about 1 hour to get all the parts and hack the actual gun together, 4 hours to get everything compiled. I changed muzzleflash for the Unsil, and Sil versions to match muzzleending. I also had some issues with the textures, but got it all to work. :) Enjoy!1!!!1!!!!:D


Heckler & Koch HK53

  • HK53 receiver, mag model: Soul Slayer
  • UV: Flamshmizer
  • Skin: Sproily
  • MP5 fore, stock, trigger group, rear sight Model & UV: Twinke Masta
  • skin: Thanez
  • G36C skin: Thanez G36C

For M4A1

  • Model: Twinke Masta, Schmung
  • Skin: DarkStorn, DarkElfa, Twinke Masta, Millenia, the_tub

Twinke Masta and Millenia Heckler & Koch MP5A2

  • Models: Twinke Masta
  • Textures: Millenia¬†
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    consul_hl2_beta Joined 10mo ago
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    look big mp5
    Consul from the hl2 beta!
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    DraganV8 Joined 3y ago
    Do You Mind, If Me Uploading Your Weapon Skins To Garry's Mod Workshop ?

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    How the heck do you install this?? I've tried everything but I cant get it to work... (I'm trying to install the silenced version with the laser
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    Professional Amateur
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    Reverend V92 Source Engine Expert
    You mind if I upload this to the Synergy Workshop?
    No Longer Active Here
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  • mrbeen avatar
    mrbeen Joined 9y ago
    How do i install this for GMod??Please help me, i want +laser and +silencer.
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    gggg20091 Joined 10y ago
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    nice geting my download
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    Last Man in UMOD team
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  • Skinfreak avatar
    Skinfreak Joined 11y ago
    Looks great! Might use in the near future (when I've found the download that makes the AR2 have no splash for bullets hitting a surface {forget what it's called})
    Whooping crane
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  • Pros: Love everyting about this skin Cons: none Improvements: put on regular MP5 please
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    Posted by elliot306 Didn't i see this in the black mesa trailer?
    No that was just the good ol' MP5. Even had a different Grenade Launcher (This has the M203, the Black Mesa MP5 has a GP25 for some reason...) Has the same EOTech Holosight though.
    Love it or leave it, son. avatar
    Love it or leave it, son.
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  • elliot306 avatar
    elliot306 Joined 12y ago
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    Didn't i see this in the black mesa trailer?
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