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Conscripts Revisited - A Mod for Half-Life 2

A attempt on making a mod about the conscripts

Change rebel males only, I haven't made for the female citizens because I lost interesent and got lazy

Most of the textures I made by myself, I used base models to do my work in the start although I started to model some stuff for using in the mod.


  • True RNG (Facemaps, Uniform, Gear and Misc)
  • male_bloody rebels support
  • No change of the conscript concept (aside from making a conscript medic)
  • Medic Conscript
  • Detailed Normal-Maps
  • VMT Shaders
  • Anisotropic Filtering for most of the textures and compression with DXT1
  • Half-life 2 beta lore-friendly

What was Cut:

  • Female Conscripts: Due to having no concept of a female conscript and also losing interesent on finishing the mod completely.
  • Different texture for the male_bloody group: Because it's not that necessary.
  • Conscript Refugees: Because it's not that necessary.
  • Optimization for the models: Okay so, we aren't really in the 2000s anymore and people mostly have a good computer, so it isn't that necessary to implement this.

Additional Info:

  • 4 random facemaps for group03 and group03m
  • Dirty textures for the uniform and flak jacket
  • True RNG only works after a new map is loaded
  • They also have combat helmets, however one headshot is enough to kill them lol.
  • Backpack & Pouches models made by me
  • The flakjacket is an hacked GSG9 combat vest
  • The uniform is from the Half-Life 2 beta citizens, but with another texture and remodelling
  • The actual thing remaining from the old conscripts here is the Gasmask, which has a really good Specular Mapping in the visor
  • Helmet model is from the CS:S Urban
  • Boots model is from the CS:S Guerilla
  • I also used the old half-life 2 facemaps here as an extra.

This is also my first half-life 2 mod as well.