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HD Scientist Fix (+ Corrected Hologram Scientist) - A Mod for Half-Life


HD Scientist Shoe Fix Added 7d
  • Addition Shoe fix for HD Scientist added as a source file (Compiled model not included)
  • Adjustment Redid my OP4 HD Scientist fix with the corrected shoes
Shoutout to ::.| SouL BreaKeR |.:: for telling me about this mistake in the comments section.

Originally a submission that fixes the OP4 Hologram Scientist in the Scientist HD Model.

Based on the request made by /TheWolf and coincidentally, the idea from my head, this simplistic fix for the HD Models for the Opposing Force Scientist models. I already knew once I made a fix for a model wouldn't be enough, so I searched on the internet, and used Jed's HLMV and saw that the HD Scientist for OP4 in the HD2 Pack doesn't have this problem, but the model from Ambient.Impact did. I also included the source files for somebody that may want to use it.

::.| SouL BreaKeR |.:: told me a mistake that I now already corrected and I decided to include the HD Scientist HD Shoe fix in a source file but I didn't compile it since the Scientist HD model for HL1 was already fixed but I made it for submissions that may have to use the HD Gearbox Scientist model and used the incorrect model. I also renamed it to be HD Scientist Fix so it makes a little sense though this mostly for Opposing Fix is mostly present in my fix pack and moved it to the HL1 Category so more people can see it as they probably don't know about the expansions and HL1 mods that have their own Gamebanana site. Hopefully, all HL1 mods would be merged into the HL1 Gamebanana site and maybe have the category with the mod/expansion name on it.

You can also check out my HD Barnacle Grapple Weapon that I made for Opposing Force.

Here's a similar fix for a Gearbox HD model but with the Barney Model.

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    Hello, Gordon!
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  • Check this: These are my retextured HD scientist models. Those white marks on shoes are present only in HL model while they are not present in Op4/BS models... Its very confusing :/
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  • Finally someone made it! Thank you so much man, your fixes are really great.
    Is there any way of fixing this? I dont know why that white mark is there, but its very annoying. I have noticed the same problem in the HL HD scientist i have retextured, but that problem is not present in my retextured Op4 and BS models... Do you know how to fix it bro?
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    While I was making the HD Barnacle for Opposing Force, I discovered this problem and I thought I can be easy. Before I made it through, /TheWolf made the idea as the request page. The comments I saw on that page showed to me that maybe they were confused or talking about their thoughts about this, and never made the fix. One of the comments I found was BrussTrigger who responded that the solution is to basically use the regular LD version since I presume that the LD version is mostly preferred by the user (including me and the others) and unfortunately, the HD models are broken. I felt like it wasn't an acceptable answer and as I uploaded three submissions yesterday, /TheWolf made a comment and then showed me the request page, and that's where I thought that now it's a great chance to do the fix now. Once again, it wasn't that hard, but I also wanted to add stuff in instead of just add one model out of fear that my submission (that will help many users) will be taken down. /TheWolf, this fix from me is for you (and many other users that may want this).
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