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Optimized Default HUD - A Mod for Team Fortress 2


v1.6 8d
  • Removal Removed "Spacer"
  • BugFix Fixed Gas Passer overlapping Phlog Meter
  • Tweak Fixed wrong item effect meter bg
  • BugFix Fixed "AddServerButton" wrong pos
  • Tweak EXPERIMENTAL: Removed "weight", "yres", "_lodef" & unused fonts from clientscheme.res
v1.5: Experimental 11d Addition BugFix v1.4 1mo BugFix3 Optimization Tweak Overhaul v1.3 1mo BugFix Tweak2 v1.2 1mo BugFix3 Overhaul Removal

Optimized TF2 HUD


"Optimized Default Hud" (or just, JofreHUD) is a mod made after months of work optimizing all HUD files that are in the game.
In all this travel I have found as well issues that are hopefully fixed now.

Hud Changes:

This HUD mainly changes the TF2 fonts into default OS ones. Example:
  • Windows: Segoe UI
  • Linux: Helvetica
If you want to follow this project, I have a repository on Github which I update almost daily:
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    Linux does not really have a "default font" as the fonts that are available depend entirely on what distro you're using, what packages you have installed, and what fonts you've manually installed. I'd say you're better off including the necessary fonts in a folder separate from the HUD and writing in the README to let people know that if they have issues, they should install those fonts.
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    what is a spacer?
    a idiot with a dream
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  • so, how do i install this? do i just copy the jofrehud-main into the /custom folder?

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  • gas passer and phlog meter overlap
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    I have some questions:
    1. What exactly is being changed here other than the font, more screenshots here would be nice
    2. When you say "optimize" do you mean as in FPS or Quality of Life features or... what exactly?
    Just another medic main.
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    If you want to compress the file size even more I would suggest using 7zip to comrpess as .7z at Ultra
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    Touma Peppa Man
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  • will you be updating lion hud for this?
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    Does this include fixes like community hud or default +?
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    I hope those screenshots with the broken font aren't reflective of the actual HUD.
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  • Oh wow, now I can switch back to the normal HUD without feeling like it hinders me, thanks for your hard work
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    A random internet user
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