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"The Shining" Axe - A Mod for Left 4 Dead 2


"Here's Johnny!"

This is the iconic axe that Jack Torrance uses to break through the door in the movie The Shining.

The most observant will notice it's a bit less shiny than in the movie and the wood a bit darker. I decided to give it a slighty more rough and damaged look to avoid keeping it too simple, plus super shiny reflective metal doesn't work very well in some games, such as L4D2.

Now, if you're still reading, let me tell you a spooky tale of pain and suffering. While modelling this axe I wasn't sure if it would fit better in Left 4 Dead 2 or in Fallout 4. While both games allow for blood to appear in the weapon after it's used, the implementation is very limiting; In the case of Fallout the blood material has a very ugly non transparent blending method and the blood tends to have a very shiny material, as in wet blood, wich in my opinion is not very well achieved. In L4D2 on the other hand, the blood has better blending and allows for a bit more detail (afterall it is in fact applied the same way detail textures are in environments) but it's still limited to a diffuse color. This means in both games the blood "layer" can't have it's own normals, and in L4D2 it can't have its own specular. Without it's own specular it's not possible to avoid certain issue, like the reflection in shiny metal surfaces hiding the blood.

And for these reasons the blood in game won't look as bad ass as in the render. :P

Now stop reading, install and come play with us...



    • Uses 2048x1024 textures.
    • Modifies models & textures.
    • Includes custom blood texture.
    • Replaces the Fireaxe.
    3D Preview


    • Steam Workshop (coming soon)
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      Oh damn, this is perfect! I mean it. Outstanding job dude.
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      Posted by Corvalho

      So, do you leave or do I leave the studio for the 10/10 ratings?
      Depends, how many dupe accounts can we mods get? :P

      As for Fallout 4, I'd like to put it in there as well but besides the issues with the blood I was getting bad texture resolution for some reason, like it was being incorrectly mip-mapped. Gotta investigate further, will probably do at some point while resting from the Katana mod. :)

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      Here's Yoggyyy!!

      Good choice, but does that mean we won't be seeing this in Fallout then? And yeah that blood does look badass in that render. Lickable indeed. 

      So, do you leave or do I leave the studio for the 10/10 ratings?
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