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Homemade Submachine gun - MOTH - A Mod for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Machine Of The Hell

The Year is 2014. A corrupt and cruel government now controls everything in the US, as these leaders performed inhuman acts to remain on the top and do whatever pleases them, the people started to show an opposition against them, there wasn't freedom of expression and those who attempted to say bad things about the government were immediately arrested or even executed; well aware that the people could raise against the power, it was also decided to ban firearms ownership for every citizen in the states, and so, those who were in possession of a gun were disarmed, and the ones that resisted, executed. As the hatred toward this government for destroying the freedom and the lives of many, the people were reminded of a passage defined in the declaration of independence "That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it.." and thus, an uprising began. Only the military and police had firearms, and most of them were loyal to the government, however the rebels found other ways to fight, by damaging their influence and image, the internet was blocked to the regular citizens, but there were hackers that secretly obtained it and then flooded the net main stream with anonymous footages of the government´s cruel acts of violence against innocents, that way, they were exposed to the world, all relationships with allied countries were terminated, and also with a fluke, the opposition achieved the support of some foreign nations which anonymously sent help. The resistance started to receive weaponry to defend themselves and strike back, but not in big quantities in order to maintain the providers secret, however they could also make their own self-made firearms safely with unsuspicious materials sent from outside that can be altered if necessary, a brilliant engineer determined to assist his fellows to fight back, made blueprints to create a new weapon, a cheap yet efficient folding submachine gun. while in the building process, he managed to minimize every part of the gun and give it deadly fire rate with decent stopping power thanks to special double spring mechanism that gives great accuracy and low recoil putting all together in a small space. Now this weapon is starting to be seen in the battlefield frequently as it is quite well designed and can be produced in mass, the citizens now have a way to counter their enemies and a chance of winning, this is freedom, they will not give up without putting up one hell of a fight and struggling to the end, these are their lives, and they will stand up and fight the power to be free and avenge the death of friends and family, killed by the corrupt government.

Blur. - Amazing textures,
Teh Strelok - Wonderful sounds and breathtaking improved version of history
Zira - Helping with particles
Brain Collector - Model, uv, bake, animations, CS:S compile, shaders, touching up textures and sounds, particle effects 
Se7en - CS:GO compile

Special thanks: 
Teh Snake - Keeping fingers on the project, supporting me every time, crits & tips
Red crayon - Particle tips & having good time spamming on chat ;)
Diffused - Mega steam chat spam :D
Raynox - Fun spam, crits & tips
DMG - Testing and constructive crits 
And Everyone who was talking and helping all the time :) Thanks guys Submission includes:
- Homemade submachine gun view and world models
- CS:S and CS:GO compile
- Special particle effects compiles for CS:S
- High quality sounds
- Buy menu pics Everything in these submission is specially prepared for homemade contest, from model and textures to sounds. GUIDE HOW TO INSTALL IN ARCHIVE AND DOWNLOAD PAGE =============== 
Thanks To MAX(R For his awesome HQ video preview, welcome back buddy :)  
Also, thanks to Itbankrock for his awesome previews:
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