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Sonic the Hedgehog - 8-bit - A Mod for Sonic Boll


Sonic the Hedgehog - 8-bit (1.9.3 Update) Mini Fix 2y
  • BugFix Fixed Invincibillity music playing wrong track (also removed a leftover track from scrapped project)
Sonic the Hedgehog - 8-bit (1.9.3 Update) 2y Improvement

Why let Mega Drive Sonic get all the attention? Time to kick it up a bit...or eight!

Here's Master System Sonic from his 8-Bit glory days! Experience Super Mario Bros in true 8-Bit aesthetic on Sonic Boll 1.9!


Me and PixelMarioXP have been working on a Super Sonic SMS spritesheet for a while now, and to celebrate its completion, I've decided to put all his and our sprites to use and add them to Sonic Boll!

Now, it may look similar to other 8-bit Sonic skins, but I assure you this one is of high quality, using sprites from Sonic 1 SMS EditionĀ  Game Gear hack for Small Sonic as to look more consistant.

Super Sonic has had a massive overhaul, with every single sprite being custom made, some by PixelMarioXP and some by I.

Little jingles have been changed to fit the style of the Master System, sound have been changed too, though not completely due to the Sounds Resource being down at the time of submitting this (don't worry, I'll fix the missing sounds as soon as the website is back up!)

I was going to use DanielV2's Super Sonic SMS rendition as the Super theme, but due to issues I moved it to the Hyper theme.

Also, Big thank you to HidroGeniuns for the Sonic SMS Ending Pose

1.9 ONLY