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Zelda's Ballad - A Mod for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (WiiU).

Foreword by Amiibolad: 

Hi there! 
Thanks for stopping by to check out our Zelda’s Ballad mod. A bit of history on my work with the mod: I didn’t know how to mod anything before this. I had always wanted to learn; never found the right motivation however. Then, in 2017 my mother, Marlis Wandner died. She wasn’t a gamer but always supported me in my endeavours and loved the stories I would tell her about the adventures I had played through. When I showed her BotW on release, she thought it was gorgeous and actually thought about playing it, but only if she could be the Princess, most specifically in that royal dress of hers – she liked that design the most. So I’d like to dedicate the work I put into this mod to her. She gave me the Power, Wisdom and Courage to be who I am today and I’d like to thank tireless friends and fellow modders as we share the mod with you all. Enjoy.

  • Zelda is finally playable!

Mod includes: New Zelda player model, all base armors found in game (plus royal guard dlc armour), voice changes, animation changes, lots of hair physics and MORE! All armors come with appropriate dyes and icons, multiple versions of each armor can be found through using different dyes to completely transform your look!

  • Active modders Credits: 


Modelling, Texturing, Icons, Designer, Tireless Legend, Animation edits


Modelling, Texturing, Icons, Designer, Start Menu Art, .sbactorpack editing 


Text edits, Story Concept/Writer, Designer, Shield Placement Mod


Bug testing and QA

Special Thanks Credits: 
Raitera: Moderator Zelda’s Ballad Discord
Ashwee: Music Support, Special Thanks 
Trollsquad057: Discord Owner, Special Thanks
mg76: Special Thanks – Amiibo outfits
Androo: .BNP help and start icons import 
CookieCoder: Armor Descriptions 
notmuhhoriz: Voice Mod
Inanna Jade: Voice Mod - Special Thanks
Mystixor: Special Thanks - Coding and Sbfres help 
Maniman303: Mannequin fix help 
Alice: Special Thanks – Discord Support 
Ilikeyoshi: Special Thanks and Cheer 
MarianCapuche: Contest Winner/Designer 
Shadsterwolf: Tool Dev – BotW Unpacker 
Qnando: Special Thanks 
BravelyPeculiar: Tool Dev – .sbactorpack help 
CraftyBoss: Switch Porting and Testing 
Morgenstern: Emotional Support
Linkmaster2207: Special Thanks - Concept 
Soulsapling: Special Thanks 
Nintendo: Zelda Copyright Holders

Remember if you are going to use our mods/models/textures for a video give us proper credits for all our hard work C: We will also release updates for this mod later (New animations, DLC armors, Optional armors, etc.) We hope you'll enjoy the mod

Disclaimer: Under no circumstances is the Royal Blue Dress to be reuploaded with alterations or otherwise. 

For any question you can join The Zelda's Ballad discord server:

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  • This Mod Works on Wii U? Because I tried to install it, but the game crashes right on the initial loading screen
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  • Gensystem avatar
    Gensystem Joined 1mo ago
    It is simply spectacular, the best mod ever made, I always thought that Zelda should be playable and here it is thanks to this mod, it is great and beautiful at the same time, excellent work, thank you very much
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  • broza avatar
    broza Joined 3mo ago
    bro, can you make this compatible with bcml. i am playing on vulkan so this mods doesnt work for me
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    midder Joined 7mo ago
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    jesus crist this looks amazing
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  • Thank you for making this mod, keep up the awesome work 
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  • Will release the Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity zelda's voice ver? 

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  • Using the alternate animations causes a crash when pausing in Shrines when used in conjunction with Second Wind I don't really see why that would happen though but it definitely doesn't happen when using the Link animations anyone know what might be causing that crash and how it could be avoided?
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  • hu
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  • This mod is awesome, but the maiden's gown (goddess dress) only shows the nintendo shirt. The same thing happens with the AoC travel outfit with the command's travel suit (champions tunic) shows as the normal champions tunic. Can someone please help me fix this?
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  • Zelkid avatar
    Zelkid Joined 6mo ago
    Great work guys!
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