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Pyra Outfit Renewal (Linkle & Zelda) - A Mod for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (WiiU).

Pyra Outfit Renewal (Linkle & Zelda)


Welcome to the Pyra Outfit from Xenoblade 2 for Linkle Mod and Zelda’s Ballad! You can get it purchasable in the Akkala Ancient Lab or replacing the Flamebreaker Set (see What to install section).


  • The newest standalone version is using the default glowing effect according the armor designts, and it cannot be changed.
  • The previous Renewal Version 2 replacing the Flamebreaker set, added the glowing effect on Pyra's Emerald Ether Lines and during the install you can select the intensity of the effect (minimum - default - maximum - off).


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  • Standalone_Linkle_Flamesuit.bnp
         Install it to get the Pyra Outfit for Linkle,
         purchasable in the Akkala Ancient Lab.
  • Standalone_Zelda_Flamesuit.bnp
         Install it to get the Pyra Outfit for Zelda's
         Balladpurchasable in Akkala Ancient Lab.

         :::: OR the old renewal version :::: 

  • Linkle_Flamebreaker_Renewal_Glow.bnp
         Install it to get the old Pyra Outfit for the
         Linkle Mod replacing the Flamebreaker Set.
  • Zelda_Flamebreaker_Renewal_Glow.bnp
         Install it to get the old Pyra Outfit for the
         Zelda Ballad replacing the Flamebreaker Set.

         :::: AND OPTIONAL ::::

  • Pyra_Flameblade_Glow (optional)
         You can get the Pyra Aegis sword from here.

If you are wondering about the older replacements I made in the past (the ones over the Salvager set and the Phantom Ganon), I’m keeping them available for download but I can’t maintain them anymore as there are so many changes to do. They received some upgrades from Renewal Version 1 to ensure compatibility for those who still want to use them:
         Download this ZIP and extract the BNP files:
         The old version of the Pyra Flamebreaker
         for Linkle and Zelda. See the FAQ and the
         included Readme.txt for more details.
         Download this ZIP and extract the BNP files:
         The old version of Pyra over Salvager Set
         for Linkle & Zelda. This was a petition. See
         the FAQ & included Readme.txt for details.
         Download this ZIP and extract the BNP files:
         The old version of Pyra on Phantom Ganon
         only for Zelda. This was also a petition. See
         the FAQ & included Readme.txt for details.


The story behind this mod is longer as myself as a BOTW modder: the old Pyra outfit is still available over the Salvager set, and my thoughts one year back were: I want this outfit as a Flamebreaker replacement, it makes more sense! The original mod was clearly discontinued, so I started learning until my port over the Flamebreaker set was ready. It missed the hair physics, and I have been unable to port them until now thanks to Sofia’s tutorial; she enlightened an obscure path, thanks! Now being able to port the physics, I also wanted to rework in the better way possible the Pyra Outfit using my current knowledge, so here we are: the Pyra outfit has received a big 3D design update, crisp HD textures, more details than ever with restored normal maps, and yes, FINALLY the hair physics are working on the Linkle version! (sadly, the Zelda's Ballad version refuses to work and I can't solve it for now).


Changes made on the newest standalone version:
  • All the ones made on the previous Renewal version, plus:
  • Linkle Flame Suit: Several physics improvements
          (for example, the earrings), small model changes,
          texts and descriptions.
  • Zelda Flame Suit: Renewal version (no changes)
          plus texts and descriptions.

Changes made on the previous renewal version replacing the Flamebreaker set:
  • Reworked skin: Using Linkle/Zelda base textures
          to avoid skin tone differences.
  • HD upscaled textures: Using Artificial Intelligence
          for crisp lines and clear details.
  • New details: From the Pyra original design, like the
          ether emerald energy lines.
  • Ether Lines Glow: Added with Renewal Version 2!
          During the setup, you will need to choose the glow
          level: maximum, default, minimum or totally Off.
  • Normal maps: Restored and enhanced to give bumps
          and details to the surfaces.
  • Specular maps: Restored and enhanced to get better
          reflections on metal surfaces.
  • Renewed 3D mesh: Better object joints; now the
          upper/lower union is totally invisible.
  • Working hair physics: Finally! Thanks to Sofia’s tutorial
          I have been able to port them on the Linkle version! They
          should work too on the Zelda's Ballad version, but they
          are not and I'm not sure why. So for now, they're out.
  • Hairstyle: Added the earrings. Also, on the Linkle version,
          the original hair design has been restored as I changed it
          a little just because physics were not working. Since these
          physics are not working on the Zelda's version, the design
          has not been changed since the pre-renewal version.
          Renewal Version 2 adds a better hair texture material.
  • Better animation: Thanks to Sockpoppet for his unvaluable
          help with rigging & weights.
  • Better icons: Solved the faded colors and now they look
          as good as intended.
  • Improved texture handling: BNP includes internal Tex2 files
          to avoid LOD/red glitches.
  • Better mod handling: BNP files created with BCML to
          maximize compatibility.

As said, some old versions are still available and have been updated with some new features:
  • Better icons: Solved the faded colors and now they
          look as good as intended.
  • Better texture handling: BNP includes internal Tex2
          files to avoid LOD/red glitches.
  • Better mod handling: Recreated all BNP files using
          BCML to maximize compatibility.


  • Get the Stylish Linkle (makeup, earrings, glasses) here.
  • Get the newest Girly Animation Pack here (several options).
  • Get the Clear Camera UI here (used to get the screenshots).
  • Get the Linkle mod with a different hairstyle here.


  • About the Zelda's Ballad standalone version: It's the latest renewal Flamebreaker version, but made standalone meaning no further changes have been made (the Linkle edition has small 3D design changes and better physics, but I can't port them to Zelda's Ballad).
  • About the renewal of the Flamebreaker version: Making the hair physics work was a big scratchy pending task in my head. For almost a year. And once I learned how to fix it, I added a lot of other things I also learned in the past months, just to create the best possible version of this outfit. Doing this also required a full rewrite of this page and a big simplification of the downloads. Sadly the physics seems not to work for Zelda's Ballad version, if I can find a fix for it, I will post it but for now, they are not available.
  • About the Zelda’s Ballad port: It was a petition by Sesaline. Her was the idea to port the Flamebreaker replacement from Linkle to Zelda, and I thank her for the testing and the screenshots back then (because I don't have Zelda Ballad installed and my mods are for the Linkle mod). As it’s the Linkle version with just a few changes, applying the renewal version seemed mandatory in this case. Also, thanks to TheFork for reporting a problem with the neck that was missing by mistake in the two first versions of the renewal mod, and to Donizetty for noticing the hair not in place while crouching.
  • About the OLD Flamebreaker version: I’m keeping it for its “optional upgrade” and also because the renewed one is in fact a totally different mod. It will not get further upgrades than the ones mentioned in the news section (see the included Readme.txt inside the ZIP file for more details).
  • About the OLD Salvager version: It was a request too. The very first Pyra Outfit is still online but has not been updated for many years, so I was asked to port mine. It too will not get further upgrades than the ones mentioned in the news section (see the included Readme.txt inside the ZIP file for more details).
  • About the OLD Phantom Ganon version: It was an idea from Rossalyna who requested it for Zelda’s Ballad, and I thank her too for her testing back then. This mod will also get no further upgrades apart from the ones mentioned in the news section. Check the included Readme.txt inside the zipped file for more details (you will find also some optional BNP with different armor colors as the Phantom Ganon is not dyeable).
  • About the “optional upgrade” included only in some OLD versions: it simply changes the armor to have the back covered with the same texture as the front (see the included Readme.txt inside the ZIP file). I’m dropping support for this in the renewal version.