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Linkle & Zelda RWBY Costume - A Mod for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (WiiU).

Linkle & Zelda RWBY Costume

First of all, this will be my last mod. I spent a lot of (mostly) night hours trying tricks, learning a lot of things, and also arriving at frustrating dead ends; and while I can't afford any more also my interest for BOTW is wearing off, so I wanted to do a last mod porting a new model to the game. Or at least that was my brilliant idea because in the end, I was unable to do it (unless you like an slime like bobbling Linkle), so I ended using some of the ported parts and modifying content of the game. For one last time. I hope you like it, I'm very proud of the results after all.

So after almost two weeks working on it,
I'm presenting you the first RWBY Ruby Rose costume for Linkle in BOTW.

There are two downloads available at this moment:
  • The Ruby Rose costume that replaces the Dark Armor set in Linkle Mod.
  • The Crescent Rose scythe that replaces the Goron Drillshaft

For the how I made it:
  • The hairstyle is from this model, as I intended to fully port it but only the hair was fine after all the process. The dress I found it somewhere months ago and I'm unable to recall where, has been heavily modified to match the dress (I think I changed almost all the vertex in the mesh!) and that's actually a mix from the first and the second dresses Ruby wears. The cape is from this other model, also a big failure porting it but this part was salvageable even with some bone rigging. The boots are from one of the sets in Linkle Mod (required), also heavily changed to match Ruby's boots. And finally the Crescent Rose Scythe it's a modified Goron Drillshaft from the default BOTW game models, as all the scythes I found were too complex for the game to handle (it's seems a different rules applies while editing weapons).

And finally:
  • Please note the makeup Linkle is using in the pictures is not included in this mod, but you can get it here.
  • Also I tried to contact the author of the Linkle Mod for permission to upload mods based partially in his works, but I never get any answer so I hope this last time nobody gets angry for this. Thanks you.
  • Gruberick avatar
    Gruberick Joined 1mo ago
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    "Dark Armor set"
    Do you mean "dark link"?

    Because I don't know if I'm getting confused with "Phantom Ganon Armor"

    If it is the Phantom Ganon armor.
    It wouldn't be working for me.

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  • Orcacle avatar
    Orcacle Joined 2y ago
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    This mod is amazing - never expected someone to choose someone like Ruby to put into the game.

    One little idea I thought of that made me think; does this mod have an animation for the scythe opening and closing? I assume not because that'd be quite hard to do, but if it is possible, I'd think that putting this weapon over something like the Ancient Bladesaw would make that easier as it already has an active + inactive state.

    Regardless, this is just something that popped into my head earlier today. What you've already done is great, good job!
    Fish fish fish
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  • Fancy Link avatar
    Fancy Link Joined 2y ago
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    this looks AMAZING! Any chance this could be made for zelda?

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  • ORLOX avatar
    ORLOX Joined 2y ago
    Ah, finally a dark armor that i like :D

    Also... the drillshaft? that sythe is going to fight weirdly, but i like how it looks anyways xD

    I loved every mod you made, i hope you get inspired some day in the future and surprise us with another great skin.
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