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Sven Co-op Overhaul 1.5 - A Mod for Sven Co-op


Added Haydee playermodel viewmodel recolor file 14d
  • Addition Viewmodels with recolored textures for use with haydee playermodel by Pi:3
1.5 2021 Update - Fixes and Additions 14d BugFix5 Addition4 Adjustment Added update file with some fixed sounds 1y Adjustment Tweak Alternate Blood Effects Update 1y Addition Gauss gun fix 1y

A comprehensive overhaul.

I bring you some fixes and updates in this new 2021 version! Some of the changes:

Fixed bunch of bugs
  • shotgun secondary fire animation and sounds
  • shotgun reload pump timing animation
  • muzzleflash bugs
  • 357 reload sounds
  • many more sound and misc bugs

various new sounds, models and other additions

  • slightly better matching texture on weapons that don't have black mesa arms and use only a texture imitation
  • adjusted third person camera to always default to over the shoulder preset

  • many other additions I don't remember right now

I haven't included them but I highly recommend Speakerhead's Black Mesa Textures which REPLACE original half-life.wad texture etc here and also his sound overhauls. They would go together great with this.


Many a skin has been collected over the years by me and tweaked as much as my ocd mind and my mediocre skills would allow. Therefore I bring you this - a compilation of everything HD possibly imaginable, and stuff.

This is meant to be used with a reshade or at least highly recommended. I have a guide for it for sven coop.

Get the latest reshade here.

This compilation includes:

-v_ and w_ and p_ weapon and item models (Black Mesa ports by [TR] - Emir and CS PRO)
-Aliens and Human enemy and other npc models (Some Black Mesa ports and some taken from Half-Life Gold mod)
-A lot of other props and misc models
-Detail Map Textures for most maps (GarompaEstomper from sven forums)
-Skybox textures
-Sprite Effects (hud, blood particles, explosions, flares etc.)
-Decal Effects (blood, bulletholes)
-Sounds, lots of sounds (mostly black mesa ambiance, player, weapon and npc sounds)
-Black Mesa Soundtrack 
-Proper Weapon bobing in sync with footsteps and view roll

Some viewmodels that dont have their black mesa counterparts have an arm retexture to fit in and be similar to the black mesa viewmodels.

If you don't want your submission included contact me and I'll take it out.

[TR] - Emir (Black Mesa weapon model ports)
CS PRO (Black Mesa and other weapon model ports)
LeonelC (Gargantua Port)
Gunz & Deadpixel (Deadpixel's Wrench)
AleKK (Twinke Masta's M16A2, Vasht1985's Desert Eagle and [JEA]SPAWN's Minigun)
Simple Rulez, Strelok, Acid Snake, Schmug (Schmung feat. Geno & Acid_Snake M249 SAW)
Vashts1985 (Desert Eagle Model)
Twinke Masta, Insurgency Dev Team, Navaro (M16)
vashts1985, Thanez, el maestro de graffiti Millenia and Poux (Desert Eagle)
Dr.Abc (Uzi model from red faction style weapons pack)
Storb (Player icon sprits for medic and grenade commands)
GarompaEstomper  (Detailed textures for maps)
Houndeye model posted to GB by Sproily, not sure if it was made by him
DafaAlferro (Alien Grunt Model)
Javahead (Sniper Rifle Scope Sprite)
X RaY (Black Mesa sound ports)
JovanLanik (Half-Life Simple Hud)
Half-Life Gold Team (Some models and sounds)
(Unsure about this one, I think theres some models from a pack for opposing force and a pack for sven coop, but I can't find them. Any help would be appriciated)
Crowbar Collective
Me :^) (CrowbarXL/ShotShellX/Goxy287) (Some sound ports, recompilations and modifications of models, sprites, sounds and various adjustments and tweaks)
Others which I couldn't remember or determine where
the resources came from but will try to update the credits on my submission.

Addon Gonome model for the They Hunger maps made by Nin10doGMod 

There is an optional download of recolored arms to match for those who use haydee playermodel by Pi:3. It's not great its just a crappy recolor and the textures dont fit too well but it was done for my sanity.

Check out my wip map

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  • This looks great!
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    Are these bug fixes for my models?

    Were these fixed bugs only occurring in Sven Co-op?

    If these issues exist in Half-Life as well, I'll note. These notes may be important to me when overhauling my model ports.
    The Turkish Half-Life fan. avatar
    The Turkish Half-Life fan.
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  • Sven coop crashed my game and its still not starting the server.

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    I made an update extension for the They Hunger Gonome (if it appears in some of the They Hunger maps):
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  • What is the destination path? Im sorry this is my first time playing sven coop.
    The floor is made out of floor
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  • All good but we're waiting for HECU grunts' models :]
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    tried it and the textures are a little bit broken, is there a console command or something i missed?
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  • Outstanding overhaul 
    Everythings perfect about this , even the reshade preset .
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    A shark . What did you expect avatar
    A shark . What did you expect
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    Outstanding content,im about to post a full NPC sound pack to add more accuracy
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    Oh,yeay.Overhaul for sven-coop!

    Me:Laptop can you run this mo-

    Laptop:Don't punish me anymore

    Me:Oh,okay :(

    They really look great,it's just that my laptop cant take it anymore...

    End my life pls lol
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    Fumo gaming
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