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FNF - Note Randomizer (v1.4) - A Mod for Friday Night Funkin'


V1.4 (Wii Funkin'!) 2d
  • Addition Wii Funkin' - Vs. Matt (by Sulayre)
  • Addition 3 new Intro texts, for Vs. Matt's addition.
I know I said I'd calm on the updates, but... (Wii Crashing Sound)

Anyways, for real, this should be the last update until  either a big game-breaking bug is found or I'm able to get more mod permissions for additions.
v1.3 (Extreme Mode Update) 3d Addition Improvement BugFix v1.2 (Additional Mods! + More) 3d Addition6 BugFix Adjustment2 Improvement2 Feature v1.1 (Mod Inclusions!) 5d Addition4 Adjustment

The songs you've played, with ever-changing charts!

With permission from the mods' creators, there are now mod songs playable through the randomizer!
(Proof of permission:

(Mod songs ONLY have the charts and music, maybe a logo or icon! If you want the visuals and full experience, go support the actual mods!)

Mods included:
Vs. Chara -
Vs. Tricky -
Vs. Abigail -
Vs. NEON -
Beach Brother -
Friday Night Shootin' (Nene's Week so far) -
Wii Funkin' (Vs. Matt) -

Are you too used to the FNF songs?

Do you know some of the charts like the back of your hand?
Are you just looking for potentially stupid charting, even in the simplest songs?

This mod is for you!

Built off of the Kade Engine, (currently, may switch to the official Week 7 engine whenever that becomes fully available.), this mod randomizes which arrow every single note in the game uses, leaving it completely up to RNG how simple or chaotic the charts can be. Or you can experiment with the RNG seeds and see what cool variations you can find!

And no, this isn't a bunch of JSON edits, either. The game itself randomizes each note as they spawn, leading to practically every attempt on a song being different from eachother! (And if you're truly interested, you can even import mod songs into the game as you would normally, and have those play randomized as well! Some exceptions, depending on if they altered their notes/jsons specially.)

Just press R on the main menu (not the title screen) to toggle note randomization!

An additional Change:
Original FNF health gain/loss, including hold notes' health restoration!
An Extreme Mode, which puts every single arrow on BF's side, even in duets! (Solely a for "fun" mode.)

Nonetheless, I hope people enjoy this! And if there happens to be any problems with the mod, leave a comment and I'll see if I can take care of it.
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