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Ice Wall (Harder - Wargus Edition) - A Mod for Wargus.

Ice Wall (Wargus)

What is this map?

This map is a porting of my other published map "Ice Wall" made for the original WarCraft II (WC2) game.

What's the difference between this map and the other one already published?

Compared to the one available for WarCraft II, this map has been made with the Wargus engine which has many more functionalities/features compared to the classic WC2 map editor like:

  • Making A.I allies with shared vision.
  • Make custom A.I Behaviour.
  • Specify the victory condition, which is not simply "destroy everything" like in every single custom map of WC2.
  • Set some differences when playing the map in different difficulties.
  • And many more features.

How can I play this map?

Wargus has many ways to play this map both locally alone or with friends and even online.
In case you want to play this map on your own then play it in the Skirmish Modern mode.

What's the objective for this map?

The objective is to destroy the Nation of Alterac base. You don't have to destroy every single unit and building. It is only required to destroy some buildings like Barracks, Farms etc (Towers aren't included), so the player, or the players, can focus more on the objective rather than simply attacking every single unit.

In the other published map there were some abilities already available for some players. Are those abilities available from start also in this version?

There are even more stuff available from the start of the map for the player, or the players, based on the clan they'll play, like:

  • Blackrock Clan: Has already the axe upgrades researched for both melee and range units. The Grunts have 78 HP instead of 60. The hero unit for this clan is Doomhammer (Grom Hellscream).
  • Stormreaver Clan: The Death Knights have increased amount of mana, the max values is 300 for normal death knights, can cast already the spells Haste and Raise of the Dead. The hero unit for this clan is Gul'dan, which has more mana compared to the death knights and the regeneration of mana is faster.
  • Amani Tribe: Starts with Berserkers instead of Trolls and also the Bersekers have their specific upgrades already researched. The hero unit for this tribe is Zul'Jin which has a better regeneration of health compared to the berserkers.
  • Twilight's Hammer Clan: The ogres have more HP and the hero unit for this clan is Cho'gall which has much more HP compared to ogres and also has the same amount of mana like Gul'dan.

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