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SMG2: The New Green Stars - A Mod for Super Mario Galaxy 2

In the hack, I changed the locations of all the green stars, and I added green stars in the galaxies that do not have 3. 

So, there are 147 completely new green stars!!!

This hack tries to take advantage of places of the original galaxies, the new green stars are more challenging than the originals! 

Some of the green stars are very difficult to find or get, but if you try, all of them are possible to collect. 

The hack replaces save files so you start with 120 stars, this works for all regions!! 

There aren't errors or bugs ;)

And... you can't play as Luigi, I banned him, the hack would be really easy if you were able to play with him, don't kill me :P

I hope you find this idea interesting and that you like my hack. 

Thanks and have fun :D
  • cunzy4 avatar
    cunzy4 Joined 1mo ago
    Hi! I played through the entire hack recently and loved it. :) I want to play it again, but I don't know how to reset it? Do you have any advice?

    Also, I have to reboot the wii between every level. It's not a huge inconvenience, but I would love to hear if you've heard of this before.
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  • I am absolutely blind and can’t find the 3rd green star in bowser jr’s hammer arm robot. I have searched up a video guide but it skips over all the stars in this galaxy, and I can’t find any others. Can anyone give me a hint to the location?
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  • TheBruce1 avatar
    TheBruce1 Joined 2y ago
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    Hey, I noticed the game won't let me switch to Luigi. I've tried re-beating the final level, re-read the letter you get from him, and I can't seem to switch. Lubba also tells me that I can switch.
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