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The 2020 Celeste Spring Community Collab - A Mod for Celeste


Version 1.5.6 8d
  • - Updated Randomizer config files
Version 1.5.5 1mo Version 1.5.4 2mo Version 1.5.3 2mo Version 1.5.2 2mo

A collaboration involving 100+ people to commemorate Celeste

The 2020 Celeste Spring Collab is a project that has been in the making for over 8 months with 100+ people involved. After waiting patiently for so long, we're proud to present you the final product!

The Spring Collab Has:

  • 5 Chapters Each with a Different Level of Difficulty
  • 80+ Maps
  • 300+ Rooms
  • 1500+ Hours of Playtesting
  • 175+ Strawberries
  • 40+ New Music Tracks 
  • Dozens of New Custom Mechanics
  • Many, Many New Sprites
  • Built-in Speedrun Times

The Spring Collab has 5 lobbies for you to explore, loaded with maps made by the community. The difficulty of the maps spans from early Vanilla content to some of the hardest Celeste maps that exist, providing enjoyable content for everyone.

Once a Map is beaten, Silver Berries and Speed Berries will spawn in its first room. Silver Berries will require you to reach the end of the map to be collected, while Speed Berries will time how fast you get through the map, and then give you a ranking! (To unlock all berries at the start, unlock Cheat Mode in the vanilla Prologue chapter.)

Thank you everyone who participated in the development of this project, and thank you everyone for playing the collab!

Because of how the lobbies were developed, using the Debug Tools or any unintended mod functionality or debug commands may break the lobbies.

The Spring Collab 2020 Audio file is a required dependency for the mod, and it also goes in the Mods folder like any other dependency. The Everest auto downloader will do this for you.

The collab soundtrack is streamable on all major streaming platforms. The Majority of proceeds from OST sales go to benefit Trans Lifeline. You can buy the album here. The remainder of the proceeds will go to support the creator of Everest (The program that made this all possible).

If you'd like to make a donation directly, use the donation button or this link.

iamdadbod is in the process of making playthrough videos for every single map in this pack. The playlist of all releases can be found by clicking this link or just going to iamdadbod's channel. There are also playlists for each difficulty chapter. This link has a list of all available videos with additional information including direct links to specific videos. New videos are being released daily so check back often!

This mod includes Randomizer support: by installing Spring Collab and the Randomizer mod, you will be able to play randomized maps including rooms from the collab. More information and credits here.
For issues or suggestions about the randomizer config, reach out to Bigkahuna#0491 on Discord or ping him in the #randomizer channel on the Celeste Discord. Please include randomizer version, seed, and settings in any bug reports.
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  • touhoe avatar
    touhoe Joined 4mo ago
    4mo 3mo
    A fantastic collaboration that advanced the quality and polish of celeste modding as a whole by an immeasurable amount. The number of new entities, the level of visual decoration, the custom soundtrack, the difficulty system, and the new ideas + mapping styles introduced have changed the way people create and view Celeste maps for the better. 

    However, at the end of the day, a collab is a collaboration from many many different people, so naturally, there will be some maps you love, some you like, some you have mixed feelings on, and some you dislike. But to be clear, with the thousands of hours of playtesting put in to ensure that setups are clean and each map is a full experience, no single map is bad at all. There are tons and tons of fantastic maps in this mod that you will enjoy no matter the type of gameplay or difficulty level you are most comfortable with.

    I highly recommend this huge map pack to anyone interested in custom celeste maps; without a doubt, there are plenty of things for you to enjoy in this behemoth of a mod. (my personal favorite is temporal tower)
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    celeste is fun
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  • endersteph avatar
    endersteph Joined 6mo ago
    Actually I can't find any download button anywhere on this website anymore
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  • endersteph avatar
    endersteph Joined 6mo ago
    Well it might be that I'm just dumb but I can't figure out where is the download button
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  • Linau1 avatar
    Linau1 Joined 6mo ago
    6mo 6mo
    Hello. I love this map and the OST is amazing but I can't really recognize what soundtrack is in each level and there are missing soundtracks for example the soundtrack of the level "Crique maderno" from the beginner lobby is not here. May you make a list of levels and soundtracks?
    Oh hell yeah!
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  • I feel like the speed berry timers should only include tech considered appropiate to that lobby. That way a lot more people starting out the mod wouldn't get demotivated from having to grind an "easy" level
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  • asri_ avatar
    asri_ Joined 9mo ago
    299 points Ranked 58,357th
    I have so much to say about this mod that I don't even know how to fit it into a single reply. Everything about this is beautiful, I deeply appreciate every person who poured their heart into this project, and I'm so glad all of their work has gotten such a positive reception, like it deserves. I don't regret a single one of the 148 hours and counting that I've spent with this collab. Even the maps I found somewhat less enjoyable had a glaring beauty in them that I could easily find and appreciate. Massive congrats and many thanks to every single person who helped make this what it is, no matter how small of a part you think you played <3
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  • ScribblesTheJanklord avatar
    ScribblesTheJanklord Joined 7mo ago
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    The new grandmaster heartside looks great! good job to everyone who worked on it, you all did a great job!
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  • coffe789 avatar
    coffe789 Joined 9mo ago
    1,027 points Ranked 27,421st
    When people discuss their favorite Celeste mod, what they actually mean is their favorite mod other than SC.

    Incredible work.
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  • Just WOW !
    GG for all the team !!

    (And the Ost is soooooooo awesome)
    Youtube Uploader
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  • Amazing.

    The quality and general polish of this mod is unbelievable! This is something I'd happily recommend to anyone I know who has finished the base game. There really is something here for everyone.
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    Worth a strawberry
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