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The D-Sides Pack - A Mod for Celeste.

v4.0 - The Resolutive Dance of Madeline and Monika

The complete D-Side series all in one big map pack!~

The D-Sides are very hard versions of the base game's chapters, building on them but also adding new ideas.

I tried my very best to make them emulate what D-Sides would be like if they were in the base game,
but with my own spin on things.


Do not use use the F6 Debug Map, as it may break things.

The final room is intended to be completed without it, but,
If the room isn't enjoyable to you due to its length/difficulty, Speedrun Tool has a built-in Save States feature which does not break things.
But make sure you clear your save state when you see the word "trust".


-Try disabling all mods you're not currently using
(Main Menu -> Mod Options -> Enable or Disable Mods)

-You can re-enable them in that menu too

"When should i play the D-Sides?"

My goal is to make the whole pack playable right after the vanilla game, but it isn't perfect yet, so:

1-5D you can play after at least having beaten the Core C-Side.
6D you can also play after 8C, but it gets much harder from here.

7D and 8D you should play after at least having beaten Chapter 9: Farewell, but you'll also need to know:
-Neutral Walljump (climbing walls without using stamina)
-Extended Hyperdash (like the thing from 8C but you jump later)

9D is a bit more complicated, but the stuff you need to know is mostly taught in the map.
It does get even harder though. If you get stuck, maybe practice playing other stuff first and come back for it later! The first four checkpoints (including Start) should be reasonably doable though.

Techniques that are useful to know before starting 9D include:
-Fast Falling (hold down when falling)
-Pufferfish Boosts / Bumper Boosts
-Buffering Inputs (pressing buttons very early so an action is done as soon as possible)

If this is your first time playing this, going through the chapters in order is optimal as each D-Side builds off the previous one, as well as the chapters in the vanilla game.

Useful Stuff:

-Official Walkthroughs are available in case you get stuck somewhere and want to see what to do.
   -Not complete but i'll probably add more in the future if i feel like it.

-Here's a handy guide if you're going for the Moonberry in 9D.

-Press Kit including the new D-Side Cassette, chapter icons, and more.

For more info, there is a FAQ.txt included in the .zip file.
Patchnotes.txt and the License can be found there, too.

( if you need help, want to send me constructive feedback or are interested in playtesting, shoot me a DM on discord! @monika#2237 )
( DM @bigkahuna#0491 for randomizer-related stuff )

Good luck :3