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Glyph - A Mod for Celeste.

Maddie goes on a journey through the mind & memories of one that are not her own.

Hi thanks for playing this map! this was created by marshall h (marshall#9752 on discord)

I do this for fun and personal development, but I aspire to do game development / music for a living someday, and I'd definitely appreciate support. You can purchase the soundtrack for this Mod on Bandcamp. If you'd like to listen to it for free though, find it on Soundcloud.

The featured artwork was made by the amazing Fuwamo, go support them and their work!

Maddie goes on a journey through the mind & memories of one that are not her own.  An impressionistic map that should be suitably challenging for advanced players of Celeste.

Over 100 rooms & over 30 berries
Lots of ~~secrets~~
45+ minute OST & custom SFX

Difficulty: Around or perhaps slightly more difficult than Farewell. Some berries are more difficult than Farewell. If you can beat the C-Sides and Farewell you probably will be able to get through this. I would recommend being comfortable / practiced with wallbounces and wavedashes before playing this map, as you'll likely find it less frustrating.

Tech required: Wallbounces, wavedashing, hypers, etc. Nothing that you haven't had to do in Farewell or the C-sides. Neutrals are disabled. No advanced tech beyond that of the C-Side & Farewell is required for full completion

Aka Glyph B-sides, but four of them. Added as individual chapters following the main map.
~95 rooms across the new chapters
No berries, no secrets in these, just level.
Difficulty: around same difficulty or slightly harder than  the main experience. I didn't really intend to make harder maps, just wanted to explore some of the concepts of the main chapter further here.
Tech required: Same as main map. Neutrals are still disabled. 

The void-side now has a cassette at the conclusion of the chapter which unlocks a new level. It's just more void, if you wanted more of that style gameplay you might enjoy these rooms.
~30 rooms
No berries, though a golden berry challenge does exist.
Difficulty: Around the same as the other void rooms. Hope you enjoy!
Tech required: Same as main map. Neutrals are still disabled. 

Frost Helper (
Extended Variants Mode (
Glyph Audio (

- Neutrals are force disabled via extended variants. I did this because I think this map in particular plays better without them. I recognize that this Is controversial, especially for very experienced players. But all I can ask is that you approach the map with an open mind!
- Debug mode will probably break things, use at your own peril
- Photosensitive mode enabled might make the transitions between rooms a little funky looking but that's okay. I recommend keeping photosensitivity mode disabled if you do not require the feature and it is safe for you to do so.
- Yes, if it isn't obvious already, I love Fez and Hyper Light Drifter, and I draw a lot of inspiration from those games and music.

I'm receptive to feedback if its actionable so do give me a shout if you find bugs or have any issues!
Reach out to me on discord if you'd like at marshall#9018
Or email me at [email protected]
If you want to use this music for anything please ask first!
cheers xoxo