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Sonic World R9 - ReCut Project (Wave 1) - A Mod for Sonic World DX


Various fixes 5mo
  • BugFix I added the missing Wisp Capsule goal to Final Rush's Asteroid Coaster mission, I just realized it was missing.
  • BugFix Fixed Sky Sanctuary not playing proper music
Minor Update 5mo Tweak

R9 Stages come to DX with a fresh coat of paint!

(I take no credit for the base levels, all I did was swap textures and object the Encores)

Before anyone says anything, I'm aware there is a complete R9 to DX port pack.  However, that pack is simply a raw port of all the levels.  This pack instead gives every mission that is not the main one a fresh coat of paint, changing mission types, giving levels textures from other unrepresented stages, and adding new Encore missions that heavily reinvent the experience.

The levels included in the pack are Wacky Workbench, Sky Sanctuary, Lost World, Green Forest, Final Rush, Seaside Hill, and Kingdom Waterfalls.  Each level comes with three alternate missions, each representing another time of day, weather condition, or stage.  Every stage's Encore will either have you play the stage backwards, go through a new layout, or a new gimmick.

In the future, I will likely do more packs to port more stages, but they will be based upon game and likely only be half as big as this pack each.  So, look forward to potentially more levels being brought over with a new experience.

Also, any modded objects in this stage are free to use for your own levels, so don't worry about needing permission.

Note: If you only see one file available for download down below, you may need to check all the file sources to find the rest of the stages, they are individual downloads.