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Super Mario Sunburn - A Mod for Super Mario Sunshine


v1.7 1y
  • BugFix v1.1: Fixed the pipe to Gelato not working in Delfino Plaza state 1.
  • BugFix v1.2: Fixed a bug causing the spooky stage to crash.
  • BugFix v1.2: Removed a duplicate rocket nozzle box from Ricco.
  • BugFix v1.2: Removed a duplicate pokey from Bianco Hills.
  • Addition v1.2: Changed the way you access the final stage to collecting 70 shines instead of the 7th shine in each stage.
  • Addition v1.3: PC edition now has a separate patch for shadow Mario mode.
  • Improvement v1.3: Created a set of cheat codes for people who use Swiss.
  • BugFix v1.3: Fixed underwater stages so they don't lock you in place after shine get!
  • BugFix v1.3: Added entrance to the Noki Bay underwater cave stage in episode 5.
  • BugFix v1.3: Removed duplicate warp zone in the custom hub.
  • BugFix v1.4: Removed warp zone from Delfino Plaza.
  • BugFix v1.4: Removed a warp zone from cloudy custom stage.
  • BugFix v1.4: Fixed an out of bounds glitch in cloudy custom stage. stage.
  • Improvement v1.4: All red coins count as two coins.
  • Improvement v1.4: Cut scene skip works at any point in the cut scene as opposed to just the first second.
  • BugFix v1.4: Removed warp zone in Pinna Beach mission 3.
  • BugFix v1.4: Expanded the level boundaries in Outset Island.
  • Improvement v1.4: Merged the PC, and Console branch.
  • BugFix v1.5: Removed a duplicate Blooper in Ricco Harbor 4.
  • BugFix v1.5: Fixed the issue where breaking the turbo nozzle gates in the Airstrip would crash the game.
  • BugFix v1.5: Collecting a Shine Sprite no longer removes entities from the map.
  • BugFix v1.5: Fixed the issue where Shadow Mario splashing in shallow water during a cut scene crashes the game.
  • BugFix v1.5: Fixed a crash that occurs upon collecting 100 coins in the poison river stage.
  • BugFix v1.5: Fixed a crash that occurs upon collecting 100 coins in the pachinko machine stage.
  • Addition v1.5: Added new game + mode as a reward for 100% completion.
  • Improvement v1.5: Made a new banner graphic that better matches the original game's banner.
  • Tweak v1.5: Tweaked some text boxes in outset Island.
  • Addition v1.5: Added a pianta in the cloudy custom stage.
  • Tweak v1.5: Fixed a butt ton of grammar.
  • Addition v1.5: Added the unused Paint Mario health bar.
  • Improvement v1.6: Added a block at the bottom of the spooky valley custom stage so people can get out of the lake easier.
  • BugFix v1.6: Fixed The beach cannon secret's camera data.
  • Improvement v1.6: Added custom intro camera data to all custom stages.
  • Improvement v1.6: Added loading zone to corona mountain in all plaza states.
  • Addition v1.6: You can now Hold Z while exiting area to go back to the shine select screen (Will reset the stage in subareas that don't have a shine select screen.)
  • Improvement v1.6: swimming to the airstrip will always bring you to the version without red coins.
  • Improvement v1.6: Door has been entirely removed from Pinna Park.
  • Improvement v1.6: You can travel back to Hotel Delfino from the casino.
  • Improvement v1.6: You can travel back to Sirena Beach from Hotel Delfino.
  • Improvement v1.6: There are warp pipes in every secrete that allow you to go back to its level of origin rather than the plaza.
  • Improvement v1.6: Warp pipes have been added to boss rooms, and the sand bird. They bring you back to the previous area instead of Delfino plaza.
  • Adjustment v1.6: Added warps to Delfino Plaza on the boat, and a trail of coins in the water in the post grabbing fludd cutscene version of the Airstrip.
  • Improvement v1.6: Changed the game's internal ID to GMSE03.
  • Improvement v1.6: Added custom save icon, and banner.
  • BugFix v1.6: Added the missing blue coin bird in Bianco Hills mission 3.
  • BugFix v1.6: Fixed the object path for a cloud in Bianco Hills mission 4.
  • BugFix v1.6: Fixed a bug that would cause the game to crash when spraying the wall to reveal the walljumping maze in Noki Bay mission 4.
  • BugFix v1.6: Fixed Gooper Blooper death cutscen for Ricco Harbor.
  • BugFix v1.6: Fixed Gooper Blooper death cutscen for Noki Bay.
  • BugFix v1.6: Fixed Dune Bud Sand Castle Secret cutscene.
  • BugFix v1.6: Fixed Watermelon Festival cutscene.
  • Improvement v1.6: Camera nolonger clips through walls in custom stages.
  • BugFix v1.6: Fixed a softlock in Outset Island.
  • BugFix v1.6: Fixed water transparency in the spooky custom level.
  • BugFix v1.6: Fixed the custom 100% completion cutscene audio bug.
  • Improvement v1.6: Increased the reach of most loading zones in Noki Bay.
  • BugFix v1.6: Fixed wrong warp in Noki Bay mission 2.
  • Improvement v1.7: You can now jump down to Ricco from Bianco in missions 3-8.
  • Addition v1.7: Added Longjump.
  • Adjustment v1.7: Buffed Longjump.
  • BugFix v1.7: Fixed bug where shadow mario was affected by Longjump.
  • Improvement v1.7: Restored unused Longjump animation.
  • BugFix v1.7: Fixed issue where collecting 70 Shines would advance to end game plaza without all the unlocks.

Everything sunshine should have been.

Super Mario Sunburn is a project that has been in the work's for about 2 1/2 years.

What does Super Mario Sunburn do?


Essentially it makes Super Mario Sunshine everything It should have been back in 2002.

-Open world: Free travel from stage to stage.

-Multiple missions: You can collect shines out of order.

-No boot out: Collecting shines doesn't bring you back to the hub.

-Blue coins: Blue coin's have been put in multiple act's where possible.

-More coins: Added around 30-60 coins to every stage.

-Custom stages: Three new custom stages created by yours truly.

-Custom win conditions: The 70 shines patch will unlock Corona Mountain after collecting 70 shines. The Shadow Mario patch will unlock Corona Mountain after defeating Shadow Mario in all stages. 

-Long jump has been added.

-Various other features: Restored ciao audio clip, restored shadow mario health bar, hover nozzle can move on ceilings, cut scenes skipable, and blue coins don't give you a save prompt, Hold z while exiting area to go back to shine select screen, and finally red coins count as two regular coins.

-An actual reward for getting all 120 shines in the form of new game +


Sunburn Speedrunning Discord: page:
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  • Etherealxx avatar
    Etherealxx Joined 3mo ago
    Can i use this mode in tandem with skin mods? Like Mario skin mod for example
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  • ExoticJamm avatar
    ExoticJamm Joined 3mo ago
    Very good mod however the cloudy custom stage is a huge struggle due to the camera in sunshine being really bad. It often gets caught on walls in the rotating platform section and I don't get enough time to fix it before Mario hits a wall and falls off.
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  • Hello, I was able to get it running on my Wii u using vc injector and am having a lot of fun playing through the mod. I just have a problem... How do you open the map? It was actually useful in vanilla sunshine as it tracked the blue coins in each world, but now I don't know how. Pls send help. Anyways excellent mod and keep up the support.
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  • Nimrod-002 avatar
    Nimrod-002 Joined 5mo ago
    why does it take so long to xtract the patch, loosen up on the compression.
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  • ExtemTheHedgehog avatar
    ExtemTheHedgehog Joined 12mo ago
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    n  e  w     w  a  y     t  o     u  n  l  o  c  k     c  o  r  o  n  a
    The worst modder ever
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  • Rainbow Man avatar
    Rainbow Man Joined 2y ago
    230 points Ranked 59,887th
    Multiplayer when?
    Rainbow Land Forever
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  • This isn't entirely exclusive to the patch, but would it be possible to invert the controls akin to the 3D All Stars version? I imagine an external cheat could be the solution, but I'm not too sure.
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  • Jack. avatar
    Jack. Joined 12mo ago
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    can we mod switch sunshine?

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  • Muzzarino avatar
    Muzzarino Joined 2y ago
    919 points Ranked 43,228th
    It would be more challenging if you play with an infected Mario.
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  • I don't know if I'm missing something totally obvious or not, but I'm asking anyway. How do you access the NG+ mode after getting 120 shines?
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